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Sunday, October 15, 2006 Y 4:36 AM

A good, cosy family dinner doesn't comes by easily, especially not when you have like 30 over members in your family. Hence, for every family dinner, I treasure it alot.

I nv used to think that way. I would rather go out with my friends then to join family dinners. I missed out alot of family dinners in the past and it's now I realised, how much time I have missed out spending with my grandparents too.

I'm sorry to Kris and Sausage for missing Sausage's birthday celebration yesterday. It was a hard choice to make but I decided that I should really spend some time with my family. I feel sorry that I used to not participate in family events and therefore missing out so many happy times with them.

It was a really happy day yesterday. Mom and I went to fetch Grandpa then popped over to 2nd uncle's house to pay our respects to Granny. Stayed in uncle's house till evening and we all went out to meet eldest uncle's family for dinner.

We had dinner near our 2nd uncle's house. It wasn't this big restaurant or watsoever, but it was good enough as all of us were gathered together. The kiddos sat at one table and the adults sat at another. As you would expected, I'm classfied under kiddos section. I had a great time chatting to my cousins and we were making plans on where to hang out during their holidays.

The funny thing was what happened after dinner. All the kids went to the playground, which was expected but what was surprising was that the adults also followed us to the playground. The kids started to play "Shark", yes, including me and then we sort of got bored of it. Then I suggested playing "dog bone" and "wind blow wind" and some of the adults also joined in the games. After that we also played "Hunter, Fire and Earthquake". Lol, it was funny to see aunts playing in these games with us but we were having such a good time laughing away. Other kids playing at the playground also joined in to play the game. It's kinda interesting and weird that the adults in the family also played kiddish games and the elder kids were also playing those games but it was what makes it really memorable and worthwhile. How many people would actually join together to play games together? And therefore, this is what makes it real memorable yesterday.

After that, we went to eldest uncle's house to play mahjong while they drank away the red wine. Yeah, for once, luck was on my side, I keep winning and winning! Maybe I was really in a good mood and it influences my karma =).

In short, it was a well spent day yesterday with my family. The next time we probably meet up as a group will be on 4th December. Till then, plans with my cousins to have fun till December.


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