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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Y 7:17 AM

Desu Noto AKA Death Note, the movie, adapted from the manga "Death Note", is about this student, Light, whom found a book that when you write someone's name in the book, that person will die in the next 40 sec. If death cause is unspecified, the person will die of heart attack. However, if the death cause is specified, the details of the death has to be fill in within the next 6 mins and 40 secs. Only individuals who touched the death note can see the Shinigami (aka death god). And only those humans who used it will experience the agony and trauma of it.

The main character in the movie is none other than Light, of course. However, the main attraction in the show, unfortunately is not Light, but Ryuk and L. Ryuk is character made up by the computer CG effects and he is also the Shinigami of the Death Note that he has purposely misplaced it in Earth. L, a secret and really really weird person, who eats sweets all day long, is the smart and young detective that will challenge to hunt down "Kira" (Light) the murderer of all the criminals and FBIs involved in the case.

L, is weird. He has a really ghastly face with black eye rings. He doesn't sits but squats on the chair and sofa. He is really messy and tardy. He uses his thumb and index finger to hold on to things only. And he eats sweet stuff all the time. You can't deny he is attractive in the show though, not in the good looking sense, but in his behaviour wise. His weird behaviour made him shine in the show.

Light, on the other hand, wasn't really portrayed that well by the guy who acted as him. In the manga and anime, he is really evil but yet struggling with issues. Didn't c how the guy really portrayed his struggle between good and evil. Half of the time, I just feel that he is trying to be real bad but act like as if he is innocent.

Nevertheless, the show was still great. It didn't have any boring parts and there are quite a few smart ideas in the show as well. It isn't difficult to make it into a good movie in the first place, because the manga itself is good enough. It is something that I will definitely buy the VCD and keep it.

Now, I'm catching Death Note on youtube. Waiting for the anime L to come out and compare how similar the movie and the anime L are. Hopefully, the guy loads the episodes up fast so I can watch L real soon heh heh.


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