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Friday, October 6, 2006 Y 8:16 AM

CLAMP is a group of really pretty good comics creators. And not forget, they are all females!

I just finished Chobits and now, I'm watching XXXHolic.

Yes, you are right. I'm an anime freak. I can spend all my times watching animes. And Movies and Vcds!

Bleah, I missed Rob-B-Hood. C if Min can watch with me next Sat with the free tickets. Can get all the cuzzins to go too.

Death note! Manga turned movie....the manga freak me will gather my forces to watch it with me heh heh. And the forces are non other than the other anime freaks that I know in my family.

Try singing Jay Chou's newest duet with Fei Yu Qing in the ktv. Kudos to those that can imitate both Jay and Fei.

P.S: We missed Granny this year for Mooncake Festival but we will celebrate it with Gramps and send our wishes to Granny in the faraway world. I still dream of you at times, happy dreams, memories of you scolding me, memories of you.


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