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Thursday, September 28, 2006 Y 10:52 AM

See my hair is real messy after trying to hurry up and catch the bus, until someone commented that I had real messy hairstyle. Dude, you probably wouldn't know, but that's half of the time how my hair looks like. Or rather most of the time.

Ppl are all doing this in their blogs. So I should also follow suit and do the same. Then again, I dunno how to do photoshop. I don't have nice pretty hair. Or nice pretty features. So obviously it wouldn't turn out to be how those ppl's pics are and who they deemed as bombshell or pretty babes.

I'm just trying to be sarcastic but yet trying to post a pic of myself (as I was real happy and fresh in the morning). Now I'm dead tired from Doctor's Night. It was interesting but boring huh.

I sat with a group of ppl whom are all the big shots. Didn't had much to talk to them at all. They weren't interested in talking to me (the young lass) anyway. Half of the time, they are talking about work. Oh c'mon, please don't tell me doctors are so boring? Don't they have other things to talk about?

It's a great pleasure to sit with Dr. S, the supposingly famous singer in the 80s but he's too old and focused on his conversation with the big shots.

Hello, it's Doctor's night and the reason why people separated everyone from their usual department, was to allow everyone to mingle around. Not to encouraged people to converse among their own group. This is certainly not directed to Mr S. only, I meant all the big shots.

Nevertheless, it was still fun cuz Dr. A had some great entertainment made by his committee and presented on the stage and at least, there was a kind MSW who was willing to entertain me.


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