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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 Y 2:18 AM

"Pulse" is an absolutely rubbish movie. Stupid plot and stupid story does not even relate to the movie title at all.

It's talking about some virus that has inhibited the computer system. Each time when you get infected, you will see this message on the screen.

"Do you want to meet a ghost?"

Frankly speaking, if it's me, I wouldn't even click on it because I never like to see a black screen with one sentence that goes like the above. Call me coward if you want but I have seen so many scary clips at night that I get too many times a shock.

Anyway, the stupid people in the show, despite that they were really scared to see such a sentence appearing on the screen, clicked on it and what they saw were numerous people committing suicide and some gross figures that are besides those people.

After which, the "virus" (some ghost like thingy) will appear and suck these people lives out from them. These people will then start to turn black and then disintegrate into particles.

Moral of the story: These ghosts want to take down the whole city through any systems that gives a signal (hp, computers, pagers). And the only way for humans to live is to live in a place where there is no signal.

In conclusion, a story worthless to be watched.


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