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Sunday, September 10, 2006 Y 8:09 AM

I went for a TCM special package at 21st Century, which consists of a TCM body scrub, TCM herbal bath, TCM body wrap and TCM body massage. Plus I did acpuncture also (just tried it out for fun though I nv really understood acpuncture).

End results: I didn't really know what it did for me just that I ended up with a real painful back cuz the lady massage and scrub my back so hard. But the bath was nice and the wrap was relaxing. I say Spa Estheva is better in their massages but of course, you have to pay more for it.

Celebrated Latricia's birthday on Friday. Mom, Min and me pretended that we forgot about her birthday. Lat kept calling my mom and asked her to come to her house. While Min and me called her and told her we were watching a movie together. Boy, she sounded so sad for her family didn't celebrate her (due to our recent loss of grandma). We surprised her at her house and she was really happy. Though she did missed one year of blowing candles, she had a great cake, great company and great presents. Not to forget, she managed to get permission to hang over at my place, and that is definitely a delight for her (and Gerald too).

Went swimming with the kiddos and family on Sat at CCK complex. With so many kids around, it was impossible for me to swim too much. I managed to swim a little but spent the rest of the time playing in the wave pool and the slide. You know, supervising the kids as none of them could swim very well (except 2 who were there for swimming lessons). It was real fun to hang out with them and play together. I got knocked in the back by Gerald's big head and now my back is bruised lol. I did the same thing back to Ken, well I didn't knocked him with my head. I was just sliding down too fast and I hit him and he started to spun around in the tunnel slide. We reached a turn and he hit his head against the tunnel wall. Boy, what a racket we all made in the tunnel, laughing and screaming. It's such a pity Min couldn't join us due to her back but I hope your back recover soon so we could get to play altogether =).

I can't imagine when we are going for our outing to Wild Wild Wet and Escape Theme Park. It will be "The Rugrats", a bunch of silly kids screaming away and making stupid jokes.

Oh, did I mentioned that we had Oishi pizza for dinner? We ordered pizzas to Grandpa's place (he must be real happy becuz the whole family has been visiting him every Saturday). I think we had a curry beef pizza, unagi pizza, hawaii pizza and one teriyaki chicken pizza. The nicest was curry beef and hawaii pizza. I tried the unagi pizza without knowing that it's fish and I was forced to finish the whole slice as Hui disliked the taste and smell. After which, I then found out it's my most disliked food. Explains why I dun like that pizza. Tried their sour noodles and bbq chickens too. Seems like pizza hut will be facing alot of competitors. Seriously, I only love pizza hut becuz of their hawaiian pizza, their crust and their stuff crust. I know people dun usually go for crust but I do! Crusts are really really very nice. But it's boring eating the same old thing over and over again, so Oishi is a nice refreshing getaway from the normal pizza.

I know I'm probably repeating this again but weekends are so short! Didn't ever felt like I enjoyed enough rest and fun. Well but it's Monday again so Monday Blues again.


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