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Friday, September 22, 2006 Y 9:14 AM

Comtemplating whether should I go to Langkawi for the Singapore Malaysian Occupational Therapy (SMOT) Symposium. It's great you know, it's at Langkawi, great fun, great scenary. My hospital is quite stingy though, they may not sponsor me for the trip as the theme has nothing to do with mental health. Florence asked me to present a paper but the only paper I have ever written was during NYP, and that was to do with stroke. As the committee member for Education Committee, it's good if I'm present and I could present a paper.

Haven't done anything related to Neuro for so long, not very sure whether I can handle the Q & A. Plus, I dunno whether are my slides and papers too haha...and I have to seek my consent of my other classmates too.

Now I'll have to look for Andrew and Shan Shan to discuss about that.

This strikes me as, I need to write more papers. Luckily I'm doing one next year but I'm a coinvestigator. Bleah, I should start to write more soon.

Oooh, did I tell you that I'm going for attachment at Pizza Hut? I'm actually going to take orders, serve the food, make the pizzas and pasta and blah blah blah...haha this is sooooo exciting. Being an occupational therapist sure gets you into many interesting events huh.


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