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Friday, August 11, 2006 Y 9:14 PM

Looking through Binks's blog reminded me of something that I didn't blogged about tat time cuz my com was down.

Yes, it's about that Marina Sq HK restaurant, whom I can't even bother to rem the name. Hereby, I would advise ppl like Kris not to frequent it becuz the service suxs totally.

I remembered ordering food for 3 persons and we kept getting the wrong dishes served to us. I was really hungry that time and I heard that the food was nice in that restaurant, so I was really anticipating my food to be served. It was bad enough that they kept adding fire to my temper by serving the wrong dishes again and again, that we had to keep calling for the waiter/waitress to ask about our orders, that the last waiter whom is also the supervisor just plainly try to avoid our table and it was so obvious that he is cuz he just plainly ignored us even though we called for him. Who can help it if your food takes 1 BLOODY HOUR to be served to you and ppl whom came later then you, whom ordered exactly the same food got served before you???!!!

Knowing Miss Caiwei as the 'real nice' person, I did wat was most expected of me. I simply told the manager that I dun want to eat that dish anymore when it was served to me, yet politely and curtly, I said to him: "I waited for 1 hour for this to arrived, I have no interest to eat this anymore". Followed by which we foot the bill and I said at the counter: "I rather go to a fast food restaurant to have my dinner where it gets served so much faster". And I did! I went to Yoshinoya where I had my food served in 5 mins and I paid so much lesser for a satisfying meal.

And so you can see, Miss Shirley will nv ever step into that restaurant again cuz it's now on my boycott list.

P.S: It's my class gathering today but I didn't go. I have nothing to say to the people whom are going. Who cares anyway?


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