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Saturday, August 5, 2006 Y 9:43 AM

It is Ting's birthday celebration today, though we didn't really celebrate much. Just went to Azabu Sabo to have a meal during dinner time.

In Taiwan, Azabu Sabo is a really chic place with lotsa canvas cloth hanging around, which kinda creates this relaxed atmostphere. In case you are wondering how I know it since I nv been to Taiwan b4, this was told to me by my colleague from Taiwan.

In Singapore, it is a different story though. Though it was called "Ma Pu Cang Ting", you dun see any canvas clothe around. It was just open space with chairs and sofa seats and a big lamp. Not a very chic and nice ambience. The food was fabulous though, although I was much more interested in the gravy and rice than my tempura. The cold soba and unagi are nice! Check out, it is unagi, something which I detest eating but I'm actually saying it is nice. It's not to my liking though cuz the fishy taste is too strong but the flavouring is just nice.

The desserts are extremely tempting and irresistable. We had soft ice cream with mango and milk, and soft ice cream with dumplings. A little too sweet but it's so heavenly tasty! Like Xiaowen has put it, "next time we shall just came here for dessert". Yes, it is that tempting and delicious till you want to step in just for dessert.

The only minus point was that the waiting time was a little too long though. It could have been better if it was faster.

Coincidentally, Ting and I gave our presents to each other in the same paper bag, from Tomato Can! I placed her present in the Tomato Can paper bag cuz I didn't want to lug around an ugly Watsons' bag, whereas she really bought a bag from Tomato Can and gave it to me. It kinda looked like we just shopped in Marina Square's Tomato Can =p.

It was also fireworks time today so after dinner, we actually get to see beautiful fireworks for about 5 mins (missed the 1st 10 mins cuz was settling the bill). It was an enchating moment, watching the fireworks spread out in the sky and falling back to the ground, with pretty colours. You could practically hear ppl going "ooh", "wow", "ahhh". Sorta reminded the times when I was in Ozzie, standing at Flat 3 balcony and exclaiming the same thing with my housemates. In Ozzie, we got to watch fireworks numerous times, owing to graduation ceremony of our fellow sch mates. And that was real lovely, cuz you get to see fireworks from your house.

I guess the best part of the day was the joke made by YL. Fancy that he could actually mistook someone he knew so well for another person, in person some more! And that he could actually tell me that I looked no difference from the last time he seen me. I suspect he is really hallucinating or delusional or it's time he really need to change his specs but nevertheless, he did brightened up our day alot!

Tat was one good facial muscles exercise ;p.

P.S: Full Moon is really very very nice!!! Awww, so sad...sob sob.


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