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Monday, August 14, 2006 Y 8:51 AM

It has been such a sinful weekend that just past by. Lots of eating and not much exercising. I have been slacking too much. It was a great wkend though, cuz I got to spend time with my long time friends from poly and jc.

It was poly day on Sat. As usual, our fav haunt is partyworld's ktv at Orchard. We nv do get sick of that place huh but yet we always have a great time together. We had a sumptous meal at Ju Ju Hokkaido Restaurant (yeah! finally got to visit it again) which was really fulfilling as this time round, I ate more food then the last. It's always great to hang out with my poly mates cuz we can just chat non stop despite that we have not met for long.

It was JC day on Sun. Met up with cy, binks and bro at this place at Lock Road. It's called Villa Bali (if u want pics, look at binks' blog). It's really a very nice place to chill out! I love the floor seats with the comfy slanted back cushions. I just love to sit on the floor, so oriental and traditional. The food was so so though, nothing fantastic but the ambience was really good. Got to bring the gals go there next time round. There's also alot of other nice places that are there, like Torquiose Room, Ottori Restaurant, Grand Peony Restaurant, The Shop House etc., all located in this quiet nature land. Let's go there and venture out other places next time ok?

Yeah, The Face Shop is at Causeway Point now, so happy. Makes it easier for me to get all the yummy masks...I don't eat it but their names sounds yummy, and my yummy strawberry bath and lotion.

I found this gay anime called Kyou Kara Maou...damn weird...most of the time they have gay jokes but it's damn funny...especially some of the things that happened in the show...like when u slap someone it's consider a proposal haha. Can you imagine if that is true in real life? I can't imagine cuz I always slap my younger cousins in the past for fun hahaha...I must have so engaged then.


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