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Thursday, August 31, 2006 Y 8:13 AM

I AM REALLY VERY VERY VERY UPSET TODAY!!!! I'm really in a ranting mood. First of all, I'm still very upset by my grandma's death and when I came back from the funeral, I was presented with a childish argument between 2 matured adults that eventually placed me as the centre of all blame!

Let's see, it started with someone, A, placing her important documents in a file in an open space. While she was away and I was away on compassionate leave, someone, B, came into the store, which alot of people witnessed it. The following day when A is back, she found out that her file is missing and she accused B of stealing the file. B denies that he stolen it.

As such, a big hoo ha came out of it. A complained to practically everybody she knows about it and also complained to our outpt section leader head. B, on the other hand, called me and so call told me what A has complained to our leader.

I was really upset by wat B told me, though I couldn't believe it for 100% for sure, as this is a way for them to get back with each other. But it has certainly been put across to me that I didn't care about my staff's welfare, I didn't bother to help out to do any work and I was overloading A with too much work.

I was really upset when I heard that for there are many reasons to. Firstly, I am not doing the patient register as I am not in the store 24/7. I don't only run one single program, I have another program to run and I have groups and initial interviews to do too. It's more logical for A to record the patients attendance when she is in charge of the store right? Secondly, she could have brought the attendance up to my office everyday for me to lock it but she says it's too tedious to do so, so she rather keep it at her store. I mean, you can't expect me to go down from my office everyday, at 5 pm to collect a file from my subordinate??? I have meetings and other things to do at those time. I'm not free everyday, just sitting there.

Thirdly, I am not doing the timetabling of patients because when I used to do it last time, she will just change the timetable despite I rostered the patients. So if that is the case, it's might as well she do it since she changes almost everything I do. Fourthly, if she thinks that she is doing too much work at the store, and it should be done by me, then why do I need her there? The reason why I need her there is to do basic admin work and train the patients, while I interview patients, assess them, see them individually and in groups and also assess whether they have improved.

Fifthly, she complained she also have to assess whether patients improved in their customer service. Is that too much to ask? It's her performance target to achieve improvement of the patients, so it's better if she does the assessment so she is more aware of it. I'm not asking alot, I'm just asking you to help me run it because I'm really busy. If you can't even do that, simply tell me, dun backstab me.

Why can't people grow up and be more sensible and have less polictics? It hurts when you want to backstab others and you dragged others in the story too, just to gain pity for yourself. It's not as if I'm in the best of mood too, and you had to take advantage while I'm on compassionate leave.

People only know how to talk without thinking for others. I wish I talk more then think more and then I wouldn't end up in such a loser state.


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