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Wednesday, August 2, 2006 Y 8:04 AM

Hey dudes! I have curly hair now. I officially looked like an auntie haha. My mates said I looked way better with my straight school girl hair. I think I looked like an auntie though lolx. Auntie or not auntie, I still like the hair...haha it surprises me that after I permed it, I really think i like the very very curly hair. Next time, when my hair is longer, I will perm the bottom even more curly.

The sore throat syndrome is on it's attack again. I have gotten it from my colleagues whom are all sick and taking MC or leave respectively to rest at home. My turn to rest at home today, slept all the way from yesterday night till this evening 7 pm, waking up just to drink water and take medications occasionally. Fully recharged and energetic now! Muz have been tired out by the zoo trip and outing on Sat with Yoges and Azi.

Oh speaking of which, Yog and Azi treated me to a body massage treat at Spa Estheva! Wow, it was really nice of them to do so. Thank you ladies! I really enjoyed the 1 hour body massage, so pampering and relaxing. Heh, now recommending it to the other girls so I can go again lolx.

Current vcd craze is Princess Hours aka Gong OR Wo De Ye Man Wang Fei. Finished 100 episodes of my Saiyuki Gensomaden + Reload + Reload Gunlock. Also gg on to anime craze 2, full moon sagashite. Waiting for Full House vcds from LS too. Geez, found great ways to spend my days at home now. Happy Happy.


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