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Sunday, August 20, 2006 Y 9:22 AM

End of a week of going out marathon. I was out almost every single day except today, where I really slack at home. Actually, I was babysitting.

Caught a Hindi movie on Friday. Haven't watched one in ages since I last came back from Ozzie. Too long a name, so I can't remember what is it but I know it has 2 of my fav actors/actresses: Shah Rukh and Preity Zintah. Also my fav old guy Abitchan and Arjun Rampal as cameo appearances. I nv forgot how long hindi movies could be. 3 hours were spent in Yishun 10 without a single intermission! Anyway it was about marital affairs which I dunno whether I should feel sorry or sad or angry about. Sometimes when you grow older, you just learn to be more empathetic for people and you can just say it's wrong or right about things.

Saw my colleague's baby on Sat! The 1st baby to our IMH OTD family! Ooohhh, he's so small and cute! And he's so flexible and soft...but carrying him was fun...and playing with him was fun...though he probably couldn't see us since he's only 1 month old. It's funny how people changes when they have a baby...it's such a lovely sight to see her with her baby, something so soft about her that I nv seen b4, which is really a great change.

I suppose it was kiddo's day that day cuz shortly after, my mom called me on my phone and Lat started telling me that she is going to stay over at my house. So tat was one night of being kicked in bed again and countless times of watching vcds. I love the 2 kiddos, having them around was so much livelier. Kinda missed their presence now that they have gone home.

Pleasant matters keeps coming up this few months. Newborn baby, marriages and D&D. Geez, I just realise something, I'm in a new phase of life now.


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