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Saturday, July 8, 2006 Y 10:32 AM

Saturday passes too fast for a day where you don't have work!!!

I spent my morning sleeping...in fact half of it cuz I only woke up at 12.45pm. After which, I rushed to meet Yoges at Orchard to have lunch and get her haircut done. Coolz, Yoges got this bouncy, curly and spunky haircut now! We share the same hairdresser, you know, and we have so different advice. For me, she keeps telling me to keep it long and perm it while for Yoges, it's to keep it short. Anyway, I really like this hairdresser cuz she is really patient and helpful and I like the way she handles my hair.

We went to Holland V for dinner but the main highlight was going to Eski Bar to chill out. That was our first time there and I think we were the only people who requested for jackets. I guess we juz wanted to feel the atmosphere of the ice and bar. Went into the super cool room and hang around to enjoy the super cold air. It was -2 to -3 degrees. Without the fan blowing, it was great to hang around with no jacket but when the fans were switched on at full speed, it was frigging freezing cool!!!!

And thanks Denise, Dodo, Kar Lock, Kris and Jesse for the birthday prezzies that you all have given me! I like it alot!

You know, as you grow older, birthdays juz dun seem to be the same as in the past. Times where you experience excitedness and hopeful that your wishes will come true. Still, it's a very special day in the year where people make an effort to remember it and wishes you or celebrate with you. It's the tots of remembering and spending time with me that counts. I really appreciate those that had remembered. At least, it shows my existence in this world.


Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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