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Friday, July 7, 2006 Y 11:51 AM

It has been a trying time this week...trying to get my com fixed plus rushing for presentation and juggling with patients and other work demands. Even my horoscope talks about work and work and work. That's pretty tiring to see other horoscopes talking about other things while mine is always..."something good in work is gg to happen"..."you may have arguments with others over work"...or it will be about money..."try to save if u wanna spend". Even though I dun care about horoscopes but occasionally, I think it's an eye pleaser to see something not related to work.

It's been a trying time for my friends at work too. Tempers are flying, sulking faces everywhere and people are just trying to listen and support each other. Still, it's part and puzzle of life and you just have to get through it.

There are still many nice things to look out for, like getting my com fixed. Sorry that I have to keep harping on this fact. It's juz nice to own my own personal computer, where I can do anything I want without people watching. I can't watch videos, vcds, surf net, chat online, and my parents ain't there to disturb. You wonder really how parents function. It's so weird that they like to talk to you only when you busy focusing your attention on something else. They especially like to ask you difficult questions or execute tasks when you are in the middle of something exciting. Amuses me whenever I think of whether I will behave in the same way like them in the future.

So it's still a good weekend after all...cuz I'm gg out! And I'll be getting prezzies! And I'm gonna have crabbies on Monday! Once in awhile, you do get your wishes fulfilled after all.


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