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Friday, May 26, 2006 Y 10:29 AM

I've got a 5 stitched scar on my left forearm now. Looks real ugly, looks like a centipede. I nv had stitches in my life b4 and the last time I saw my fren got stitched up, I swear I wasn't gonna be hit by any baseball bat or watever to deserve a stitch. Tat is excluding wisdom tooth stitches.

As usual, my doc is stupid but chatty this time. I wonder why he likes to ask "Do you have any questions?" when he doesn't let me answer. Again, he asked me and b4 I could answer, he said "No, that's good, I'll see you again". I rather speak to the nurse then cuz at least she answered me.

I watched X Men 3 today. Bleah....I prefer the 1st 2. I wonder why Wolverine is such a big hoo haa in X Men movies when in the cartoons, he's juz some crazy dude who slashes around. And they nv even let Gambit appear in the movie at all, and that crap about Ice Man dating Rogue...since when did that happen? And why Cyclops and Storm are such flower vases in the shows, when he is like so great in the cartoons? Anyway, it's a movie so if I based it as a movie itself, then the show is still very appealing. I found X Men 3 more fleeting than the previous 2. The characters were not given much time to portray themselves. Lotsa actions though, pretty impressive actions.

Celebrating Azi's bday tmr with da gang. Great Singapore Sales started on Friday. Go shop yourself till drop dead.


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