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Friday, May 12, 2006 Y 9:19 PM

It's a long weekend again!! Literally translating to ample rest, fun and slacking at home. My inservice has been postpone so which means I can officially slack through the long weekend tsk tsk.

So I visited The Jewel Box again on Thurs evening with my colleagues. KY made us mount the hill for 30 mins. Brought us through this stretch of horrendously dark road with very little lights and you could barely see what is in front. Made us mount the wrong direction too, and we ended up at this estate which were surrounded by only banana leafs trees. Why would someone stay in such an eerie estate? Plus one that is surrounded by banana trees? Results of mounting the hill: Rup ended walking barefooted (thanks to her heels), Yog was having a stitch and we were all drench and sweaty (so unglamourous). Despite all the complains by the ladies (unfortunately KY was the only guy around), we still enjoyed our walk up the hill alot. Plus the end results were worth it (I refer to chilling at Altivo). We took the air con seats cuz we were all drenched and sweaty. The sofa seats are plushy and so comfortable! The cheesecakes were yummylicious too. My frozen margarita was overflowing time to time though, cuz the huge blob of ice was melting. Rup, being the ingenious devil in the group, made us played alot of games. They were very funny and made us look like weirdos, but you have to admit that we really enjoyed ourselves alot from laughing at each other.

Went for Kris's second round of gown fitting yesterday. Woooohhh, the dresses she wore and decided for her photoshoot and the evening gown were so beautiful!! Can't wait for the real day to come where we can see her in the fabulous gown and makeover. She and Ern brought us to have Kolo Mee at Jia Xiang Restaurant in Chinatown. It's so cheap and nice! I really lurrve the mee, you seldom see that kinda mee in common hawker centres selling noodles. Yummy! I shall bring you all there next time okie?

We celebrated Dodo's birthday at Breeks in the evening. It's the Breeks branch that Kris has vowed nv to step into it and where we really hated the service. Dun ask me why we choose that place cuz I also dunno why. Kris and I were stuffing ourselves with waffles fries while waiting for the rest. My Bibim Bap tasted differently and I dun like it anymore. Breeks's staff didn't even greeted us goodbye, lousy service rite? Oooh, I lurrve the yummy brownie cake that is bought by J though. I like the chocolate coating only and the fact that it's different from the normal cakes I tasted.

Waiting for my cousin to pop by my house so we can watch final fantasy VIII and Narnia together. Cozy and rainy Sat, good to stay at home and nua all the way.


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