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Friday, May 5, 2006 Y 3:41 AM

I would like to take this chance to express my extreme displeasure with CitiBank. Frigging screwed up organisation. I sent in my application twice and twice it wasn't successful. Not because my annual income dun pass the criteria, it's because 1. The 1st agent quit and left the place and hence left my application on the table without anyone processing it, and 2. The 2nd agent didn't even submit my cpf statement to the board. Wtf? Where did my cpf statement went to? I even handed her personally the hard copy of it and a zap copy of my pay slip. You mean to tell me she didn't submit all these documents? So where did they go to? For frig sake, it's personal documents and if I knew it will be handled this way, I wouldn't trust for gawd sake, to submit my personal documents to YOU.

And now again, they rejected my application cuz they say I nv send in my cpf statement. So it's my fault now? Bloody hell, it was your agent who took my statement and said will submit it for me. You want to resend the statement to you again, considering that I sent in twice and twice it got lost somehow? How could I have the decency to even trust you the 3rd time? Extremely frig up service! Damn agent even said I'll call you 3 days later to get back to you and after 1 month, NO BLOODY CALL AT ALL. I have to call her personally and all she said was "Oh, I get back to you". And the 2nd time I called her regarding the statement matter, she was irritated and just hang up my call in less than 3 mins. WTF? I'm paying you to apply for my credit card and you treat it like as if it was my fault that my application didn't go through?

Please frigging remember that I wasn't the one who approached Citibank first. It's you stupid agents, whom are doing road shows on the streets, that came up to us and try to make a deal with us, hoping that you will get your commission too. I can't believe that Denise's application went through so smoothly, yet mine, once again, was treated like as if nothing. Hello, I dun earn a single cent less than Denise, fyi (no offence to you DeDe). If you think I juz earn lesser and I'm not applicable for it, den no bloody send me an email to say that I fit the criteria and my application is successful, but yet it's close becuz I din submit my cpf statement.

As if I dun have more troubles now, my fucking computer can't log onto the cpf website and they say I have to submit within 5 days. Freaking shit. Go to hell. I'm busted up enough with your nonsense. Last you gonna know, if I dun get any feedback on why my documents aren't submitted, I'm going to write a complain letter to your screwed up management to compliment on how efficient you guys are.



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