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Thursday, May 4, 2006 Y 12:10 AM

I have officially became 75% more stupid than previous, with 25% not fully develop yet.

If you are guessing what I am talking about, this is it. I just removed my upper and lower wisdom tooth on my left side of the mouth. I was only 50% left with wisdom when I removed my right lower one 6 yrs ago. Technically speaking, I will be brainless now. Anyway, why is it called the wisdom tooth? It doesn't really makes u more clever or wat. Neither does removing it makes you more stupid. In fact, if you remove it, you have lesser things to worry about. Maybe that's why it makes you stupid, cuz u worry about lesser things, at least, regarding your teeth anyway.

It was still a traumatizing event, given that you are only on LA and that you have to witness what they are actually doing with you. In fact, it's witnessing what they are doing superficially, cuz you can't c what they are doing in your mouth. It wasn't painful, the part where they drill the tooth to break it and extract it. My mouth was really painful becuz she stretch it so much in order to get the tooth out. I'm gg to be Julia Roberts no 2 or Zoe Tay no 2 with all that stretching with my mouth, which eventually may loosen the elasticity of the muscle tissue and I have a big mouth!!!! Oh crap.

So it's now as sore as Í had a hemiparesis stroke, with senses lost on the left side of the face. I know it's gonna hurt when the numbness gone away, given that I have a cut on the lower gums. Well, at least now I have 3 molars removed, the top extraction is less traumatizing, so I dun have to worry about undergoing another round of sawing, drilling, vibration, pressure forcing and blah blah blah.

To talk about something more pleasant, we celebrated Kris's birthday on Labour's Day. She's the next person to turn mid twenties, other than DeDe, whom is very old (as claimed by Kris). Fortunately for me, I am the last to turn 25 within that gang. We had a very nice ice cream cake, accompanied by the voices of Swensens' staff singing "Happy Birthday" to Kris, Azi and DoDo. Seriously, why is May so popular? Almost all the people I know are born in May. I suppose this people should be able to take things as come what may. Damn Kris to be so lucky to get the lovely perfume that had enchanted me the 1st time since I smell it. Well, at least you are smart enough to share the scent of Anna Sui's Secret Wish on all of us. I'm glad that you really like the gift though cuz you know, you are really hard to get a gift. Oh, and Kar Lock like the Nike Bag that we gave her too! So, this time round, we got to think of what we gonna get for Doreen hur.

Anyone feeling excited about Election Day? I'm not, despite that this is my first voting chance in my 24 years of life, reaching 25 soon. I dun even know any of the politicians. Call me bimbo for not knowing any politics, but why should I bother about politics? At least, I knew the PAP guy for Sembawang Council is Khaw Boon Wan, whom is the MOH and helped to launch the new BGMP. I still dunno who to vote yet. The only prospect that excites me is that I get to claim a PH for Saturday on other working days and ain't I so glad about that.

Till then, I shall now burrow myself in the lost of wisdom and spend it on watching countless vcds, trying to be bimbotic by falling in the tracks of romance and comedy plots, or I shall try to be more elegant and delectable to read The Da Vinci Code and try to get entwined in the twisted plots. And, beware of the impending pain that's going to come when the numbness goes, though I really have no idea how that felt. I shall tell you, when it comes.


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