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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 Y 7:32 AM

I attended a talk by SRP (Silver Ribbon Project) today. In case you dunno what is SRP is (means you have not been reading the newspapers), it's something similar to Yellow Ribbion Project, but it's for people with mental illnesses.

There was 3 persons with mental illnesses that spoke during the talk, 2 being the famous Harris Ng and Dr Rita Goh. Again, if you dunno them, then you probably dun read much (dun worry, if I am not in IMH, I probably dunno them too lol). It's depressing to hear some issues that they brought up, so true and yet so cruel. The way how people stigmatised them and classify them as jailbirds, like as if they were marked to death for life when they are diagnosed with mental illness. I feel sad hearing one of the patient commenting about some nurses that told her to jump down from HDB flat to commit suicide instead of using her own silly method of cutting the wrist to die. How good are we as health professionals if we are encouraging patients to die with higher means of dying?

Seeing how they are deprived of employment and yet have to keep with the steep costs of medicine really made my heart ache for them. If people have the common sense to stop portraying only violence and bad images of people with mental illnesses, and people having less stigma about them, people whom are so mythical about mental illness till they even know what is it really.

Everyone in the world stands a chance to have their right given to them. So please, before you say another word about people with mental illnesses, please use your brain to think and process through facts and knowledge before you open your mouth to talk about bad things about them.

And though it may not relate to this entry, I just wanna wish MY BEST FRIEND A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY...though it was entered a day later than your birthday. I hope you enjoyed your birthday (though I know it was a very horrible day for you), and like your presents and enjoy this coming Sat with us!


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