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Saturday, May 6, 2006 Y 12:14 PM

Election Day's results are out! Hmm, results are the same as 5 years ago but guess what? PAP's votes are sliding alot as compared to 5 years ago. The usual loyal 80% votes now became 60% votes. Only 2 constituency got more than 70% and one of them is like my constituency. Check it out, the new generation are more bold and daring to express themselves and are seeking for something more unique and different. If old PAP wants to keep their stakes up, then they probably have to do more about it. Aljunied was so close, isn't it? With only 50% plus of votes to PAP.

My sixth uncle was just saying that if you plus together everybody that votes for opp parties, then it probably shows that around 30% of ppl are not happy with the BIG IT. I was predicting that there are going to be more interesting things to look out for in 5 years time, the next Election Day.

Btw, haven't you noticed? The opp parties winners are always shown to be celebrating in coffeeshops while PAP winners are celebrating in this big stadium, and the opp winners dun get to speak much at all.

I got my first vote today! Haha, a lot of stupid things happen given that it was my 1st vote. First, I had to be stopped numerous times cuz I always seem to be walking in the wrong direction. Secondly, I was told by the polling agent to stand beside her and not in front of her. I mean c'mon, you normally approach a person behind a table in front not from side rite? And you know what freaks me out most? It's that probably my vote could have been a wasted vote cuz I accidentally slip my pen when I was marking that cross and it kinda got out of the margin. Can you imagine how duh would that be if it's like your 1st vote of your life and it became a rejected vote? I'm not really sure about the margin thing with my sixth uncle trying to scare me off and telling me that I will be marked for giving a rejected vote (u see, he has a flair for making jokes).

Caught MI3 today. Do you remember Keri Russell from Felicity? Yeah, the blond chick with real curly hair. She was one of the agents in the show and dun she look different with straight locks. I say, your locks do matters alot. I like the gist of this plot, TEAMWORK. Of course, the usual CG effects and amazing stunts in the show nv fail to bring excitement to us. I seldom am able to keep my concentration to a full 100% for action shows and this show, it kept me fully fixated to the screen for 2 hours.

You shouldn't really go out if you had a wisdom tooth op...ouch my op area is now hurting...probably from the excessive talking and munching on food. I'm so in a foul mood right now and I'm freaking hungry becuz I couldn't eat much for dinner due to the pain. The part that sucks most is that I can't open my mouth greater than 1 cm to eat,to laugh and smile. I tot it was just watching a movie and I can keep my mouth shut but it didn't happen that way. Now I truly regret that I use my mouth muscles too much.


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