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Friday, May 19, 2006 Y 10:20 AM

Been a long time since I had been to NSC. This time I was back there again, not for acne problem...it has been my long time friend, till now it is still my friend, but rather for this lump that has been growing on my hand. I seriously dun even know how I got this lump.

Anyway, the stupid doctor said it was granuloma, a form of skin tumour. You see, I call him stupid becuz he is real stupid. I went in to see him and the first thing he did was he started asking me questions of how long it was, how it happened and whether I have fever, and he was furiously typing away in the comp. I didn't know that NSC has advanced so far till now they document their case notes using computer. Plus he was real stupid to offer me two stupid options. Our conversation goes like this:

He: "You have 2 options now".

Me: "Uh huh"

He: "The first option is for you to remove half your lump through surgery and I'll do a biopsy on it. The 2nd option is for you to remove your lump fully and I'll do a biopsy".

Me: "Huh? What you suggest?" (like both options are still surgery)

He: "I suggest you remove it fully since it's quite small. Plus if I remove half then the results are not good, I will then have to do another op."

Me: "Okie, remove it fully then"

He: "But you gonna have a scar cuz it's quite big...so your scar will be quite big. You dun mind?"

Me: "Huh??? Er no, it's okie" (didn't he juz say it was small so better to remove everything, now he says it's very big so I'm gonna have a very big scar)

He (typing furiously in his com again): "Okie, any questions?"

Me: (Still thinking about what he was saying) "Er..."

He: "I tell you what, I give you the diagnosis, you go back home to check out what it is."

Me: "Huh???" (he didn't even bother to explain to me, ask me to check out myself?)

So we went on to discuss when the op should be done.

He: "I give u my name card. U email me when you can come earlier for the op. Juz email me to inform me or for any questions you wanna ask me."

Me: "Huh, okie" (Since when doctors has become so high tech and ask their patients to email them anytime?)

And so in the end, being so confused, I asked the counter staff what should I do when I can come for an earlier appt. She told me I have to call in to make an appt and then I told her about what Dr. XXX has asked me to email him and speak to him directly. She was a lil surprised, probably thinking that I'm hallucinating that whole email thing, and she said that I have to inform them, not go and contact the doctor myself. So you see why I say he is stupid now? He asked me to check out my own diagnosis, gave me 2 stupid options, asked me to contact him directly and he didn't do much to me either. And I suspect, that has to do with my occupation cuz he went in awe after hearing my occupation and changed this tone of speech totally. From a layman patient, he started talking to me like his colleague. This whole email thing must have been the stupid link between us as NHG members too.

To the part of offering me 2 stupid options, my mom replied: "Why dun you ask him back, can you give birth halfway and dun give birth to the other part?" Wahahaha, my mom is darn sarcastic. So now, I'm gg to see him on Thurs again, despite he wants me to do my op asap. You see, I can't do it becuz I can't email him to tell him I want and earlier op and the counter staff insists that Thurs is the earliest day for me.

I watched The Da Vinci Code today. I haven't finished reading the book though. I'm sure it's a show that invoke much discussion among people. If you wanna watch this show, then you better have some basic knowledge about Christianity first, such as Holy Grail and Jesus Christ. Otherwise, you will end up like my fren who didn't know a single thing about Holy Grail and Christianity basis, feeling confused, lost and bored through the show.

P.S does not refers to Post Script, it can means Princesse Shirley too...muahahahaha


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