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Saturday, April 15, 2006 Y 8:14 AM

Tristan and Isolde, a story b4 Romeo and Juliet.

Seriously, Romeo and Juliet stories are not my cup of tea. True that it's written by Shakespeare and I like Shakespeare but that does not means Romeo and Juliet lookalike stories appeal to me.

I was forced, or rather not, I went willingly with my cousin, to watch Tristan and Isolde, given that I was really bored staying at home. I sat through about 2hours of the show with moments of fidgety and laughter. Hur hur, it's a love and sad story I know, or may I'm juz sadistic to laugh at it cuz I dun experience love myself but seriously, it was kinda boring. Typical love story, heroine falls in love with hero, she gets to marry the hero's benefactor, they secretly have an affair and got discovered, the kind benefactor lets them go, the hero wants to be a hero and thus return back to help the benefactor, and the hero dies and the heroine goes missing. So typical rite?

C'mon, it's already advertised as a story b4 Romeo & Juliet. I kinda expected tat either party will die or both will die. Turns out that the guy dies only. I even know that the plot will be like wat I have written above from the trailer. Seriously, if you are juz looking for some movie that you can ooohh and ahhh at the lead actors and actresses, or juz some love story, den you can watch it, otherwise dun waste your time and money.

Btw, do you watch that losers variety show on Channel U? Geez, I dunno why they came up with such a variety show. True enough that it is to encourage those individuals whom have persistently participated in alot of competitions yet failed but seriously, it's like a comedy for the public. I dunno how the contestants feel, perhaps they will be happy but I feel sorrie for them. Everytime whenever I laugh at their performance or saw the audience's suppressed laughter, I really feel sad for them. I know their spirit should be admired but their performance are really funny. You will be agreeing why they actually get kick out from competitions given that their performance ability is like zero.

And you know that guy who strips naked in his website and sells manicure services on Orchard Road? Gosh, I'm utterly disgusted by him. Seriously does he thinks that he is some kinda hunk of watsover? Because the fact is he is so totally not! If he's gg to act all hunky and handsome again, I think I will probably puke in front of the TV.

I rather it was me who participated in this show cuz I may be a loser but I look presentable enough and my voice dun sucks that badly (it may sucks but I believe it is in the higher end of sucks) and I dun think my washing board figure is that bad compared to the others. At least, I was a higher end loser.

Of cuz, I dun wanna be a loser. I juz wanna be average and nice, the kind that you are so plain and nice that no one notices you, and I assure you, I'm pretty good at that. Dun they have variety shows that are for averages? Like you know Average Joe that kinda show? Plain and average ppl that get hitch up with pretty girls. Or plain and average ppl that get a chance to shine that kind? Not that I wanna participate in it cuz my goal is juz to be invisible and blend in with the crowd. But you know, there should be shows to let the averages shine. The TV only portrays the really physically outstanding ppl or the not physically outstanding ppl but with outstanding abilities. What about those neither physically or ability outstanding ppl?

If I'm the media, I will seriously consider this cuz then there will be a chance for average ppl to have the limelight finally.

P.S.: I'm a plain jane or rather plain Shirley. Plain is so boring.


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