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Friday, April 14, 2006 Y 4:26 AM

Saw this quiz from someone's blog and tot it was pretty funny.

Name 20 people that comes to your mind straightaway.

1. Azilah
2. Kris
3. Denise
4. Doreen
5. Ernest
6. Yoges
7. Rupa
8. Xiaowen
9. Cuiying
10. Sharon
11. Jarvis
12. Ting Ting
13. Lee Sian
14. Ting Ting
15. Kok Yeow
16. Xiaomin
17. Chee Ang
18. Ivy
19. Mom
20. Ken

Qn 1. How did you meet 14?
Met Ting in JJC.

Qn 2. What would you do if you nv met 1?
I wun have a best friend. I wun spent my time with her in Ozzie.

Qn 3. What would you do if 20 and 9 dated?
My cousin, Ken, and Cuiying? Horrendous..she will be a fedophile. I will probably die.

Qn 4. Ever like 19?
Always...love her some more. She's my Mom!

Qn 5. Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
Lol Yoges and Chee Ang? Dunno about that but Xw, DeDe, Azi and I once had this idea to introduce her to him.

Qn 6. Describe 3.
Denise is someone I know in NYP. Wasn't very close to her back then. Got to know her better in Ozzie and now she's my good fren! She's a lil blur, a lil silly, mild tempered, helpful, head over heels in love, quite pretty and overall, a very nice fren to hang out with.

Qn 7. Do you think 8 is attractive?
Sweet and has nicely balanced out features. Has really beautiful big eyes. Attractive to me and Mr. W, I supposed lolz.

Qn 8. Tell me something about 7.
She's a runner. Loves netball. Very sporty person. An OT and my fella ex classmate, colleague and fren.

Qn 9. Do you know any of 12's family?
I know her mom, dad, two sisters and her brother and her 2 cousins too.

Qn 10. What's 8's Fav?
Art...drawing, painting. Beautiful nice scenaries. Tranquility.

Qn 11. What would you do if 18 confesses his/her love to you?
Er..Ivy confesses her love for me? Pretty scary...cannot imagine.

Qn 12. What language does 15 speaks?
hmm, I think Kok Yeow speaks english, chinese, hokkien.

Qn 13. Who is 9 going out with now?
Sei Yang...Yang Meh Meh.

Qn 14. How old is 16 now?
She's coming to 16 on Dec.

Qn 15. When's the last time you talk to 13?
Juz yesterday in the evening around 5.50pm.

Qn 16. What's 2's fav singer or band?
Aaron Kwok haha

Qn 17. Would you ever date 4?
Er no, we are both straight.


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