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Saturday, April 22, 2006 Y 12:14 PM

If you like to watch movies on dancing, catch "Take the Lead". It's about ballroom dancing and it's real nice. Last I saw a movie about dance was "Shall We Dance" and that was real nice too.

I had my pieces of cheesy lava pizza at Pizza Hut with my best bud this week. I swear that Cheese is the most heavenly food ever made and produced. I could finished eating up all the cheesy part of the pizza rather than the main ingredients. However, you got to know that, I can't stand cheesy pasta for gawd sake. It's really too cheesy for my cup of tea. I can eat anything cheesy except cheesy pasta, and that's the only thing I will try to avoid ordering it.

Had a bbq at West Coast with my colleagues on Saturday. Last time I went there was 1 and 1/2 years ago and fortunately, I rem the route to the park. Jamil bought some really powerful jelly that could light up and get the fire going among the charcoal in 5 minutes! That is way better than those fire starters! There was so much food, and it's such a waste that we had to give it away. It rained halfway when we were bbqing away so we had to pack up and hide in the shelter. That was really weird because when we arrived there, it was like mad hot. So hot till I wanna hide in the shelter too.

I demonstrated to my fella colleagues on how to bbq marshmellows, gawd they din even know how to bbq marshmellows!! They were like "What are we supposed to observe for?". Ate a lot and so much till my stomach was bloated. Oh, you know, we actually drank from bowls. My colleague bought drinks but forgot to buy cups so in the end, we had to use bowls to collect the drinks. That was so funny cuz we acted like we were ancient Chinese men, drinking wine from bowls. The best part was this colleague was late for 2 hours plus and by then we were so thirsty, so when he reached, we stood up and started clapping real loud for him. Oh, and he actually had the fire starters with him. Luckily we had that powerful jelly, else we will have to wait 2 hours later b4 we could start bbqing.

I saw my cutesy cousins too! Was so happie that they came to my house to watch Nanny Mcphee. I missed them soooo much! Gerald boy's birthday is coming soon, gotta buy present and celebrate for him.

May is such a horrible month. So many ppl having their birthday in that month. I am gg to be real broke yeah. Till then, bless me with good saving skills, else I will be a penniless person for this month.


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