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Saturday, April 1, 2006 Y 9:14 AM

Company's event today! Went to Hay Dairies Goat Farm, Qian Xu Fish Farm and Oh Farms (vegetable farm). Yes, I know, why am I gg to farms? It's so weird rite? Only aunties and uncles will go rite? Yes, you are totally rite...it was only aunties and uncles but I had an enjoyable time, doing something that I dun usually do.

It was pretty interesting actually. Went to the goat farm and heard about how goat milk is being produced and witness goats being milked by machines. Learned more facts about goat milk too. For e.g., goat milk is alkaline and it's real good for ppl with sinus and asthma...so actually it's good for me; the milking area of the goat is called udder and not breasts, and that the female goats' holes are melted away by the goat farmers when they are still young. The milk tasted horrible though. It didn't have this goaty smell where most ppl think they will have. Btw, you cannot exposed goat milk in room temp at least up to 4 hours cuz it will turn sour. Tat probably explains why those goat milk in supermarket taste weird. I only remember that 3/4 through drinking the bottle of goat milk, I felt like puking and I gave the remainder to my fren.

Nothing much about the fish farms becuz I dun like fishes. Not an ardent fan of rearing and eating fish as well. Browse through all the aquariams and the unbelievable prices of the fishes quickly.

All I cud rem about the vegetable farm was that it was real hot, like as if I was in Malaysia. It was a hydrophonics farms so everything is grown in water. I did managed to rem some facts though such as basil can be used for headache, italian parsley can be used for hair growth and it's roots as laxatives, and that rosemary is useful for slimming. Other than tat, I was too busy fanning away and hiding from the sun. The vegetables were really nice and fresh though. Got free vegetables from the farm. Too bad I had to go out after that and I have to give my vege away. Sigh, now I feel like eating yummy vege.

Had my eyebrow done today again. This time, it was less painful as compared to the first time that I did it. Saw blood too but this time I wasn't really bothered by the pain and blood. Guess I had a previous painful experience which nothing can compared to. Funny thing was tat I discovered that there is even lip contouring and eyeliner contouring in beauty salons now. Tat goes to say that make up can be permanently mark on your face.

Watched Ice Age 2 with Kris & Co. HILARIOUS! I was ashamed initially that I am gg to watch a kiddo show but now I'm not ashamed to announce that I actually enjoyed the show alot! Haven't laughed so much recently. This week has been real good cuz I'm laughing alot. Saw the gazzet for "Over the Hedge" and "The Wild" too. Really like the porcupine, turtle and koala in those 2 cartoons. Looks so cute and funnie! Nevertheless, my fav is still Chicken Little and nothing can beat him! Despite the show was a lil dumb and not really tat funny, he is cute enough to steal the whole limelight away.

Seriously, it was a good week and I had a good time. Can I have more good times? Pls be kind to me and grant my wishes...it has decreased to such a minimal amount and I no longer pray for it to come true either. Perhaps, surprises will be real good.


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