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Sunday, April 30, 2006 Y 10:12 AM

Another hazy fuzzy week, I couldn't remember what happened through the week at all, except during the weekends. Ah, it's weekends you see, the most exciting part of the whole week. I did rem that I went to NUH on Wed for a bazaar sales though.

Official opening of Barista Express in Clifford Centre on Sat morning. Stood there for so many hours till my feet ache. Pretty exciting to see that there are new prospects for patients to work out in the community though. Pretty exciting aspect that I will be doing training for them, something really not very clinical of my job scope.

Went to this very special tea room in Esplande with Xw and Cy in the evening. It's called V tea room. I love the vintage setting! Matches my vintage shoes alot yeah, but I wasn't wearing it that day. It's so lovely, except for the flaw in the ceiling. Nothing is perfect in the world though so it's good enough to have the rest of the cafe looking pretty chic.

Frequented K box today after ages of karaoke-ing. Unbelievable, I'm gg to sing again tmr, to celebrate Krisie's bday. It's like ages since I see Binks? Still looks the same, not much diff from sch days. Ironically was that, most of the ppl there are JJcians huh (and we probably didn't like JJC alot) and we somehow are one way or another link to one another.

There are days where u totally lost the flair for something. I think I lost the flair to blog nowadays, to be in touch with my feelings. Sheesh, I muz be real tired. An advice to you people out there, better get enough slp else u will become like me.


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