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Thursday, March 9, 2006 Y 12:31 AM

Was helping a fren to search for hotels when I came across 3, very interesting hotels. If you are looking for a unique, artsy and vintage place to spend with your loved ones, I would highly recommend you to consider these 3 hotels. Besides, it was so irresistable till I feel like gg there myself!

Hotel 1929

The Scarlet Hotel

New Majestic Hotel

Check out their websites! I know it sounds a bit weird but I fell in love with the bathroom facilities in New Majestic Hotel. Guess what, they have an outdoor shower facility! Imagine yourself soaking in the bathtub, surrounded by wooden walls and an open ceiling, where u can gazed at the starry sky while showering. That's not the most attractive part! They even have a room where the bathroom is located in the middle of the room. What's more, the walls of the bathroom are transparent, which means, you get to see the person showering! Okie, I know, sounds kinky, but that's perfect for couples, ain't it?

I guess, if I'm gonna go with my frens, I will have to stick to normal bathroom shower facilities. So perhaps I may then have to consider Hotel 1929. Revamped from old architectural building, this hotel is definitely artsy. Look at all those cute lil chairs they have! Besides, the room designs looks impressive too. They even have a room where the bathtub is in the hotel room. Okie, I know, I'm gg on about shower facilities again. Well, this juz means that room will be out for me if I'm gg there with my frens.

Couples out there, listen out. If you are looking for a real romantic hotel to spend your time, you may seriously wanna consider Scarlet Hotel. Apparently, it's a favourite hang out for couples. Personally, the only thing that attracted me was the suites. 5 different suites with very lavished designs. The other thing that so totally caught my attention were the restaurants, Desire, Bold and Breeze. Heck, did they really named their restaurants these names? Cool as it may look but it didn't sounded like it was elegant or romantic. Chuck aside that, the restaurants do look pretty tempting and irresistable.

And as I was searching through the webbies and losing my head over hotels, I realised that when it comes to booking hotels, there are 3 main things that will attract me to stay there.

1) Lovely room designs
Dumb as it may sound to be, I can't help noticing about hotel room designs. Yes, I know, the hotel is juz a place for you to stay in while you are on rampant on the streets. But think about it. If you are booking a hotel room for a special event or occasion, wouldn't it be nice to stay in one with beautiful decor? Even if it wasn't for a special occasion, a nice roomie design would make me feel more comfortable and cosy to sleep in the room. Besides, the designs of the room set the mood of the day. Seriously, if you are looking for a place to rendezvous with your partner, you should really consider the decor and ambience. I know, you can say tat it's the things you do that makes it romantic, but trust me, a good room sets the romantic ambience.

2) Bathroom Facilities
I'm particularly OCD about this factor. Even if the room designs sucks or the room space is crap, I wouldn't mind if there is a good bathroom. Let me tell you about an experience that I have. I once went to this hotel room, where the toilet was over flooding. Can you imagine how gross that is? You paid $100 something bucks and all you get is the stupid toilet overflooding with sh*t and wasted water on the floor?
Showering is the most relaxing and enjoyable moment of the day. I dun care if my hotel room looks like crap, it only matters that I have a good bathroom for me to take my shower. Plus the fact that I'm OCD about bathroom, thus, it's very important that the bathroom muz be clean, looks presentable and appealing.
Adding on top of that would be a bath tub. I am extremely attracted to bath tubs. It's like heaven, to be soak in a bath tub after one long day. It would be paradise, if I can soak in bath tub with flower petals, outdoors and sipping a glass of red wine.

3) Breakfast
Now, a good hotel should always serve good and appetizing breakfast . Isn't it pampering to stay in the hotel and wake up the next morning, having a nice buffet breakfast awaiting you? And I really mean nice buffet breakfast. I can travel from one hotel to another juz to have nice buffet breakfast (I did tat b4 with Dede in Genting). I can't stand having pathetic breakfast when I'm on relaxing trip. A good breakfast will wake me up and start my relaxing day perfectly.

Now dun get me wrong that I can't take sufferings or torture. I'm perfectly fine with poor and cheap motels, little and miserable breakfast or plain shower facilities. I can take all that if I'm backpacking or on a super saver trip but we are talking about good hotels, which means I would most probably stay in one if I'm on a relaxing or lavishing trip (lavishing refers to shopping lol). If I'm there to relax and enjoy being rich, why would I succumb myself to stay in poor hotels? I might as well invest the money in a good one and give myself a treat.

Besides, if I'm gg to book a hotel in Singapore, I would spend it on a worth stay, because the only reason why I would book a hotel in Singapore is to have a quiet and near getaway with my frens or partner. So why waste it on cheap hotels rite?


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