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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 Y 7:12 AM

Time to reminisce a bit. It's been coming to a year since I have been working in XXX hospital. All along, I have been doing inpatients, meaning those that are warded in the hospital. Juz recently this month, I have been transferred to outpatient sector. Still learning to pick things up as I try to managed what I have now.

Looking back, I have many wonderful memories with my inpatient team members as well as the patients. I gained alot of experience from running group therapy sessions. I learned to mix around with my patients and liked them for who they are. I learned to work with fellow colleagues, supervised my assistants and had fun building relationships with them. I loved the parties and fun that we had from holding parties and celebration for our patients.

I dreaded the time when we had fights and arguments over discussion but yet, hold it dearly tat I learned alot from all these disagreements. I've growed to become a therapist with good clinical experience and team work spirit. I had my fun running the OT concert in January. It was a achievement to finish everything in such a short time and yet received good replies on our hard work and efforts.

I missed my patients and time working with my dear colleagues. Even though, I'm no longer there but I'll remember that we have came a long way. I'm enjoying what I'm doing now. Learning customer service, teaching and also working with new colleagues. It's something which I have been hoping for and I hope with experience and guidance, I will bring the program further.

As I listened to the song "Forever", I can't help remembering the memorable times I had with my colleagues during OT concert. Though next yr, I may not have the chance to run the committee with my fellow inpatient colleagues again, I will definitely support you all if you are holding a concert!


Juz go to that website if you wanna know how the song sounds like. What's so special about this song? It was a song sang by our hospital staff during OT concert. They were so sweet to agree to perform for us. I especially like this song, as I find the lyrics and tune alluring.

Back to today, LS and I had fun trying to matchmake our colleagues together. We had a new colleague, with an extremely interesting and unique English name (sidetrack a bit, why would anyone call themselves that name???), whom is still single and available. So we tot he would be a promising candidate for one of our fellow colleagues, whom is also single and available, and whom looks very compatible to him. I supposed KY overheard the whole conversation and he was attempting to hide his sniggers back at his own table. So as you can see from the totally irrelevant paragraph, I am totally gg bonkers with my new workload, till I'm so free to think of such stupid ideas.

Oh yesh, I watched Dorm today. I really admired the director. He has a real witty brain, creative ideas and each time, he impressed me. It wasn't as scary as the previous movie he made but it was so touching and sweet. Reflecting on it, how many close and dear frens do we have by our side? Those who will make you cross boundaries to stay as frens and help him/her all the way out. As I remembered from the movie, Chatree said in the movie "Everything is different when you know you have a close fren by the side". I'm real touched by the movie and I have to say that the "ghost" is really really very cute (I'm not a fedophile)! In fact, my colleague and I tot he looked so much cuter and good looking than the main character, despite that I also like the main character.

Today, I also decided that I will continue to run the welfare committee. I lurve my colleagues and it will so hard to give up welfare and let everything be as it was before we came. Everyone has grown used to the activities and having us as welfare committee. I'm thankful for those that have been in the committee. Though you may not be joining us in the latter half of the year, it has been a wonderful time working together with all of you. Let's keep our precious memories dear to our hearts.

I'm been real happy recently. I want to stay happy or become more happy =)!


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