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Friday, March 31, 2006 Y 6:51 AM

There's this nice Japanese and Taiwanese fusion restaurant at Paradiz Centre. It's called Ju Ju Hokkaido Restaurant. Went there with 5 colleagues to have a farewell dinner with this ex colleague. Had a really nice time despite that 3 of my colleagues were in uncles/aunties ages. Lolz actually they were only 10 yrs older than me except for one whom is like perhaps 32 yrs older than me heh heh.

It's something like Tao Restaurant (apparently when they are under the same boss). I think it consists of an appetizer (egg), dumplings, main course (meat and vegetables), vinegar plum drink (for digestion) and a dessert. It's steamboat for the main course so each of us have a small lil pot to cook our meat and vegetables. The servings was huge!!! I had difficulty finishing my share and I ended up dumping half of my food to Charles, who happily ate it to his heart content. Surprisingly, LS was the only person who finished everything when the guys couldn't. Well, not exactly, there were only 2 guys and Charles finished his food plus my food...so technically speaking only one guy didn't finished his food.

D***y was very busy throughout the whole session, talking away on his phone, which kinda reminded me of Richie Ren in the show "2 Become 1". Sorrie that I couldn't spell his name out becuz frankly speaking, though we may have been accumstomed to calling him tat and calling it in a funny way, it is quite rude to type that out online. He wasn't participating much in our conversation, given that he is on the phone for 3/4 of the time, which is too bad for him, because we had wonderful conversations. Got me to know my fellow older colleagues better too.

Charles, our ex colleague, treated us to coffee at TCC after tat. Perhaps he was too touched by us treating him to dinner. It was only him and us girls so I supposed he muz be real happie, given he is such a buaya. Having him was fun though, coupled with Miss T, creating so much jokes and laughter and making our Monday end in a nice way. It was real kind of Charles to drove us home, with me being the last, sadly I had to reach home at only 11 plus. Anyway, it was good to be alone with him in the car, cuz I got to see more of a serious side of him, which he nv shows in front of all of us. Especially not in a group setting.

It's juz unfortunate that we lose a good fellow worker and friend but we gain another partner from MSW dept. It was also great to know more about my fellow colleagues and knowing whom are good dinner partners to go out with next time.

If you are not keen to go to an expensive restaurant, then I'll recommend you to go AMK St 31, Block 337 (I think so, couldn't rem). There's this coffee shop there that sells all dishes at only $4.80. I meant those kinda of "zhu chao". The food tastes great for that amount of money that you pay. Besides it's economical =).

Juz went there with LS and Mr Lee today to celebrate Mr Lee's birthday. Hope he likes his new thumbdrive, given that he's already a 58 y.o guy trying to learn how to use the comp to complete his assignments.

I'm gg for a local farm tour tmr! Sigh, got to wake up so early. Followed by an appt with Jean Yip to touch up my eyebrow, den a movie with Kris & Co at "I Dunno Where Either". Off to shower and hit the bed now! Yawnz....

P.S: Well okie it has juz been confirmed at PS.


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