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Monday, March 6, 2006 Y 4:11 AM

Oooh, after every bad thing, let's talk about something good!

I went to Secret Recipe @ PS on last Friday with the musketeers. Yes, the 4 musketeers, that's wat Yog, Azi, Dede and I used to be. I simply adore Secret Recipe, everything about them is so fantastic, esp their desserts. I'm already lemming for their desserts again after going there last week.

We reached there @ 6.20pm, technically speaking, it was only Yog and me. Azi had not reached yet and Dede is waiting away in Kimage. When we finally settled down for dinner, Dede is still missing in action. I suspected they probably blew her head off in Kimage for juz a haircut and coloring. It took her 2 and 1/2 hours before she came out of Kimage and joined us for dinner. Lolz, we already had our desserts by then.

Btw, Ben recognised me. Lol, probably thinking that my hair has grew longer but still looked like crap. Doesn't matter, I'll frequent him when my hair is long enough to do a perm. He's great! Talkative and professional, and the cool thing is, he remembers me, which makes me feel even happier, given that I only allowed him to cut my hair once.

I found my prettie GAP hobo bags in yahoo auction! Lurve them, adore them, simply can't take my eyes off them!

My comp is still infected with spyware though clever Ernest has suggested me to create another user so that I wun have to be irritated by that constant popping to remind me that my comp has been infected. So technically, part of the problem is solve but I still have to get rid of that stupid thing.

I'm truly happie...truly =).

P.S.: I miz my favourite song by Gabrielle "Out of Reach"


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