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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 Y 6:19 AM

Mommy was so sweet to come down on Mon to have lunch with me. Well, sweet was what my colleagues said. I was only very surprised to see her there, for juz one hour of lunch. She was nice to visit me though =).

Been real tired these few days. New job responsibilities, lack of sleep and trying to learn as many new things as possible. Sometimes I think my boss has a screw loose. She expected me to take over one colleague who is gg for her honey moon for quite a number of duties. Here I am trying to learn the new stuff and I still have to take over 3 days of assessments for my colleague and to orientate the new students coming for attachment. Nevertheless, it's wat boss said, so I have to do as told.

It has been one week since I started in the new area and I get paged like every 5 mins. Every time, something will cropped up or clients or their family members want to see me or talk to me. It's only Wednesday now and I'm deadbeat. Probably attributed to the fact that I didn't had a good rest during weekend and I didn't had enough slp these few days.

I will really cry when my partner goes on holiday in April for 2 weeks. I have to run her program, my program and help to orientate my fellow colleagues to their new work areas. Work, is nv ever good, and I am ever so tired. Rest, is nv enough, and a break is not possible. I seriously can't understand how some ppl can be workaholics? It's not as if I'm not keen to expand my career. I do want to excel and I do participate in things or go an extra mile to do well but overworking is not my cup of tea.

Even my brain has stopped functioning and my words and sentences doesn't seem interesting. I guess I really need 24 hours of slp =p.


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