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Thursday, March 2, 2006 Y 7:01 AM

Let's talk about sincerity. Recently, I got a call from X, informing me that she is getting married. She was asking whether I could attend her wedding and if I could, she would then send me the invitation card. Oh please, if you are so frigging rich, you should have juz send out the cards. You dun even have to bother asking me whether I can make it.

Pls dun tell me you are not rich and you have to save on that amount of money. If you can spend a bomb on your house and your gown, which you have been bragging about it in your blog, you would be able to send a card to me. Ï dun plan to be mean but I juz rejected her happily, saying that I will get back to her the next day, knowing that my answer will be I'm not free to make it to your wedding.

If you are going to get married, and you are sincere to invite me, you better juz send your card to me as early as possible. Dun you go scouting for ppl last minute if you can't get enough ppl for your reception. I'm not someone who is juz available upon request. Of cuz, I'm only available upon request to ppl whom I think are worth to be.


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