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Saturday, March 18, 2006 Y 8:38 AM

I was so pissed today. Tat really spoilt my day but fortunately I had a good time after tat which kinda of cheer me up.

I was waiting for the time to come so tat I cud meet DeDe. So I walked around in CWP after my cousin left me. I was looking at some facial products when I saw this brand, SilkPro. Feeling curious, as I tot SilkPro is a hair care product, I picked up the facial care products and started reading it.

There was this SA that approached me and started publicizing her products (SilkPro) to me. I wasn't keen to buy so I told her I was only reading to find out what it is. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her taking the toner tester and started putting it on her hand. I tot she was gg to put it on my hand to let me try the texture so as to convince me to buy it. To my horror, without my acknowlegdement and awareness, she juz suddenly put her hand on my face and juz spread the product on my left cheek! Tat was not all, she took the moisturizer and put it on my right cheek b4 I could say anything!

I was so damn angry. How cud she do tat w/o asking for my permission? Besides, you all know that I'm very particular about my face and I dun like ppl applying unknown products on my skin if I'm apprenhensive about it. Plus, she should have the courtesy to first ask me for my permission b4 she start doing anything. And which idiot will actually try the products on your face directly? The only acceptable areas to try is on your neck, chest or hand in case any sensitive reactions happen.

Not tat I'm gg to blame her for sensitive reactions. I wouldn't have been so mad if I was the one that put it on my face. I was only mad becuz she violated my privacy. Not bothering to ask me for permission and did things as she wants. Of cuz, I would have been real mad if something happened to my face.

In the end, I juz walked away becuz I was too fuming mad to tell her off. If I wasn't that mad, I would have told her, thank you very much but I will nv buy your products becuz you have kindly demonstrated a bad customer service to me.


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