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Wednesday, March 1, 2006 Y 6:21 AM

I was frigging pissed with XXX hospital's doctors. They called and said my grandma could be discharge. What? It's simply ridiculous. They suspected of her of so many things and the results are not even out yet and they said she could be d/c? Besides, she has more tests to undergo to confirm what she has.

Anw, my aunt went down personally to speak to the doctor cuz she was real pissed. Turns out that the consultant told her my grandma couldn't be discharged at all. The stupid doctor that said she could be discharged, I wonder is he really professional enough to judge?

The sad part is that they said grams most prob have lung cancer and it's 80% chances. If she had cancer, she would most probably be in the last stage. Sob...things are really not going that well as I think it is.

I'm really grateful to Azi and DeDe for being there. Thanks DeDe for volunteering to visit my granny with me. I was really hoping someone would be with me cuz ultimately, I still have times when I'm weak. I really felt weak yesterday when I was real sick, I heard that my mom was sick and granny is sick too.

I dunno wat to ask for now....


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