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Thursday, March 9, 2006 Y 5:02 AM

I thought of Kubler Ross Grieve and Bereavement Process as I was helping my family to deal with the impending death of my granny. Tat's when I really truly agree with Elisabeth Kubler Ross that this stages do occur. However, on another note, these 5 stages may occur in conjuction. My family went thru anger and depression at the same time and they did not attempt to bargain for more time.

Anyway, as I was thinking about it, 2 funny tots came to my mind...how about using the theory on relationships and self esteem? As we go on to my ridiculed ideas, I shall first present the 5 stages of grieve and bereavement process.

Stage 1: Denial
Refusing to accept the news of impending death

Stage 2: Anger
"Why me" stage. Anger at God, others or environment

Stage 3: Bargaining
"I promise I will do more good deeds if I have more time"

Stage 4: Depression
Mourning for losses

Stage 5: Acceptance
Accepting death

Imagine if you translate this 5 stages into a relationship. Let's call this Kubler Ross Recovering from a Relationship Process.

Stage 1: Denial
"No, I dun believe that he/she wants to break up with me"
"He/She still loves me"

Stage 2: Anger
"Why me? Why did he/she did that to me?"
"What is so bad about me?"
"Why did he/she hurt me?"

Stage 3: Bargaining
"I promise I will be a better boyfriend/girlfriend if you give this relationship a chance again"
"I promise I wun do it again"

Stage 4: Depression
"I am so sad. I want to die. He/She dun want me anymore"
"I lost him/her. I can't live anymore"

Stage 5: Acceptance
"I am able to move on with life"

As I was fiddling with my tots on this, another tot strike my mind. How about if I translate this 5 stages to Kubler Ross Discovering Yourself Process?

Stage 1: Denial
"No, I dun believe that he/she said I'm ugly"
"No I'm sooo beautiful"

Stage 2: Anger
"F***, how dare he/she say I'm ugly"
"He/She muz be blind to say I'm ugly"

Stage 3: Bargaining
"I promise I will be a good boy/girl if God makes me more beautiful"
"I promise I will do more good deeds if I become more beautiful"

Stage 4: Depression
"I'm ugly. People dun like me"

Stage 5: Acceptance
"I'm ugly but I have a beautiful heart. Life still goes on."

And with that, the ingenious me will conclude this entry with one sentence. The ultimate end is that you should come to acceptance with whatever crisis you are facing, otherwise you will only be lying to yourself.


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