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Saturday, March 25, 2006 Y 8:23 AM

Dear Cosy Bay,
I've been back to revisit you again after ages. I'm sorrie that I couldn't come down often and make you happy by earning my money but I suppose, you will be quite happy today to receive my payment today.

You standard is still the same, nv failing to disappoint me but I have grown older, and I realise that your drinks no longer can satisfy me. The dinners that you created was fabulous but I guess we got to work on the drinks a lil bit. Nevertheless, your beautiful appearance and charisma created was simply enchanting and lovely.

I had a great time today with you and my friends. Chatting away and sitting away admiring the scenary.

I promised I will revisit you again but not in near future. Do hold your dinners for me =).

Yours Sincerely,

Lolz, I forced Xw and Cy to wear something nice and they were so nice to really wear something nice for me. Thank you so much! I haven't get a chance to wear anything nice ever since I changed my work duties. Besides, it's such a chore nowadays to dress up nicely when I know there's not gg to be much ppl looking or noticing me anyway, so why bother?

It does feel greats when you dress up occasionally though but nv for too much. You will eventually get sick of it one day. '

I missed my lil Latricia and Gerald. I haven't been seeing them for so long! I miss my babysitting days and now as they grow older, I know eventually they will not stay cute anymore. Isn't it lovely if lil children nv grow up? Then again, if they dun grow up, there wun be us, and life wouldn't be the same cuz we wouldn't experience it. I wanna c my cute lil darlings! Make them come and see me! Or make me go and see them!

I'm so tired. I can't think properly. I can't feel my inner feelings. I'm blunted. Overhwlemed by fatigue. I need proper rest. Not one with dreams about work place and people at work. Grant me a good slp and sweetie dreams pls =).


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