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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 Y 8:46 PM

VIOLA!!!!! I finally got my desired Charmed Bracelet! Dearest is so nice to remember that I have always wanted a charmed bracelet since the times I kept mentioning to her in Ozzie. My belated vday gift from her =). She also gave me this really sweet pendent, sparkling yeah, and as the same every year, she will nv forget to give me a rose. I'm pretty fortunate that I have her as my best bud cuz she nv forgets to give me a rose every year. That makes up for the lack of roses from male genders.

I'm now spotted with a really cool voice. I can kindly say it's attributed to the my really red and swollen throat. I woke up yesterday morning and discovered that I have a real painful throat so I saw the doc at my work place. As nite falls, I started to have a fever and it juz wun go away, so I saw the doc at my house there. Now, the only common thing b/w this 2 docs were that they juz like to give me many days of MC. I rejected one doc for giving me 2 days mc, and I say, I regretted it, becuz the 2nd doc gave me 3 days MC!! He said I really had a very bad throat and fever and ought to stay at home.

Funnie thing was that my mom also got the same thing as me. Lolx, it's kinda bad but I'm glad she did cuz she can accompany me at home now. I was so hoping that someone will accompany me yesterday nite when I was having that horrible fever but there was no one there. Mom was working, my frens stayed too far away and I have no special someone too.

It's only at times when you feel real vulnerable then you wished you have someone. This morning, when I woke up, I was feeling better and that feeling was gone.


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"the present."

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