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Saturday, February 4, 2006 Y 7:25 AM

Since the last time that I have been for clubbing, which is last yr and I dun even rem which month it was, I was back to the grounds of club again. Went to MoMo on Friday nite with Jimmy's and Cy's friends. I managed to one of the last few that got the free entry but Cy and her friends had to pay for it...oops sorrie about that girl.

Anw, the music in the club was real loud...and I meant real loud..I was practically deaf when I went outside. Besides the flashing lights were really irritating...they really like to use alot (really alot) of flashing lights. Besides that, it was quite an okie club...music is coolz to me though I was hoping for the R & B music to churn up but it nv did.

Tried something new...lychee martini...not bad...quite light though..no kick...Oh yesh, I muz mentioned this...the toilets are so flashy! Lolx! The toilet rims and cover were like painted gold with shimmers! My 1st impression of that was that it really looked like some drag queen style toilets. Like the cushions in the toilet though...at least u could sit there after you puke.

I'm still waiting to go to MOS!!!! Heard that it's really nice...can't wait to go but can't find anyone to go with me.

Anw, Cy and friends and me left around 12 plus to Jazz @ Southbridge. Tried drinking caiprini and surprisingly, it was really nice! Some limey fruity taste and real real light. Dunno what alcohol it contains though I suspect it's probably vodka. Like the jazz music, the lady can really sing well.

I guess I'm really growing old...there's a part of me that likes to be wild and fun and frequent hip clubs....but there's also a part of me that longed for a quiet and nice place to sit at and juz chill out. Maybe it also attribute to the fact that none of my friends are the clubbing type anymore!

Everyone juz seemed to have settled down with their own lives and partners and juz dun savour the past interests that we used to have. Think about it, when was the last time I went stargazing? When was the last time I been to a chalet? When was the last time I been to a bbq? When did I last went cycling? Have I been to Wild Wild Wet?

I've been starting to realise that I have stopped enjoying life as I used to be in the past. I guess it's time to really pick up things again and start living life.

Btw, I did eyebrow implants today and it hurts like hell now! I dun even dare to touch it...ouch is the best word I can use to describe the intensity of pain. It looked so totally fake now! Still got to wait for 5 more days to let it fade off and become more natural...I dun care about the fakeness I juz want the pain to subside fast now.

A couple of friends also came to my house today for CNY. Saw Sausage for the first time and I have to admit, he is pretty cute! Love his cute lil puppy face though he whimpers instead of bark. I can see the maternal instinct of Kris surfacing slowly...girl time to think of a time to really start a family already.

Oh yesh, thanks to all my dear dear friends that came to my house okie? I really really enjoyed your company and I'm really very very happie to c all of you! I miss all of you!!!


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