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Monday, February 20, 2006 Y 7:02 AM

Sigh....these past 2 weeks have been horrible. 1st, I lost my phone. Then I lost my feelings. Now, my granny is admitted. After which, my family quarrelled over some idiot whom does not know how to keep his mouth shut. Lastly, I even heard bad news about work that makes me feel even more stressful.

Sigh, and who said...you lost your phone you earned back some thing....what have I earned back so far? Nothing...I juz keep losing things. It's bad enough to lose my phone and I felt so sad...then I lost my feelings which made me kinda of emotionless...and now I feel worried about my granny and yet angry and frustrated with other things gg on.

I JUZ WISH ALL THESE BAD THINGS GOES AWAY FAST AND GOOD THINGS COME MY WAY. I can't cry anymore for anymore...the last time I cried for someone was last Christmas...I juz can't bring myself to ever cry for someone anymore...it's funny isn't it? When I can juz cry like that when I lost my phone but when all these things happened, I juz can't cry. I feel so horrible about it. Sometimes, it's better if I can cry...then maybe I will feel better. Or maybe I'm juz like wat ppl says, when the most harshest things come your way, I will be real strong.

Thanks sweetie for accompanying me today. You never fail to cheer me up whenever I'm down. Seriously, you better stay as my best bud for as long as you can cuz you did too many things for me that makes me wanna stick to you forever. I'll marry my Ian to your Rianna or my Lea to your Rian.

You know, there are many times I hope that someone will comfort me but it always turn out to be you that will comfort me instead. Tat makes me realise that those ppl whom self proclaim to be my bfs or are interested in me can't be compared to someone who is my best friend. That's juz kinda sad then rite? Cuz when you tot they meant something to you, they failed to be there for you. I rest assured to you that I will only find someone whom treasure me as how you treasure me. To those whom treasure me as friends, thanks dears, you guys are great! Yepz yepz, I will find someone whom you guys really like so that you will pass him like how we pass your bfs and husbands and partners!

I pray for my granny to be well, that work problems will go away soon and I will find happiness =)


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