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Friday, February 24, 2006 Y 6:19 AM

It's a really weird day today...everything juz seems to go wrong...well it was mainly in the morning, and THAT itself is really STRESSFUL.

Let's start with me receiving dearest's msg that she is not coming to IMH. Sob, that means we are going to have a mass headache as we will be short of 1.5 people to cover Rupa and my job. Followed by silly us whom forgot to put up community outing forms for some patients or that the forms didn't get through, so we had some problems getting patients to go for outing.

It was juz one big confusion in the early morning. Tat was already bad enough to start with. My patients have to behave inappropriately during outing. One juz wandered by herself and got lost half of the time. The other one refused to go back.
I'm so glad that I was blessed with the persuasive power to reason with them till they accept my explanation and followed my back to the hospital.

I was really zonked out by the time I came back to the hospital. The afternoon went well though. Everything was peaceful and quiet. Ain't I so glad of that. Boss asked me to try to convince dearest to come to IMH. Tat's so hard yeah...I mean we would definitely like to have her but I dun wanna force her to make a choice that she does not want either.

Dede, I'm very touched to see the entry in your blog about me. It's really nice to say those things. I'm glad that I have been helpful to you and that I'm being appreciated. Yeah like you say, even if I can't find that someone who treasure me, I still have YOU and other dear frens that will love me. For that, I'm really thankful that I was blessed to have nice people like you all around.

Hope ya neck will recover soon, Miss Dede hammie!!


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