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Monday, February 27, 2006 Y 7:37 AM

I saw my granny yesterday and my dear, she looked so shrivelled...think it's due to the poor appetite and all those constant testing. The doc suspect she may have cancer becuz of that black shadowy thing in her lungs...which they claimed that it's not infection now. That's weird when she is like that old and nobody in our family ever had cancer.

She's due for testing today and she vomitted from really bad migraine. Poor granny, such a torture to see elderly suffer. Guess that's why when I was working nursing homes, I felt like crying every day. Seeing all those elderly got abandoned by their family and having to stay in nursing homes everyday.

Went to Beacon Bar with Dede today to visit Jesse. The place is real cool and the food and drinks were nice. Jesse was really nice to treat me..thank you sooo much! Guess it's another place that we can hang out too. I suddenly got reminded of Cosy Bay when I was there (and btw Cosy Bay is real near to Beacon Bar). At the spur of the moment, I juz text Xiaowen and asked her whether she wanna go to Cosy Bay this week. Viola! She said she was free and yippee, Cosy Bay, here we come!

I asked you questions and attempted to talk but you juz say bye. Fine...since you have a problem...I dun have much to talk to you either. Too bad I was stupid enough to ask you whether you were better. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. The moment had passed and it will not come back again. You had your moment, you lost it. Maybe it wasn't a lost to you either. Maybe I was the one who was too egoistic to think that you had lost the chance.

I think I should be a lesbian one day. Seems like girls are more caring and direct than guys nowadays. At least, they are less desperate than guys and play less hard to get than them.

P.S: I was juz kidding about the lesbian part. I wun become one =p...Xw and dearest will kill me lolx.


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