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Monday, February 6, 2006 Y 7:54 AM

I saw my darling bf today! Awww...she looked so tired! I juz saw her on Sat and she looked great and one day of poor sleep led her to look like half a dead woman. Poor bf, I sayang u okie? Hope you will pass IMH interview and join me! I will really be very very very happie to have you work with me.

Oh yesh, and happie anniversary on the special 14th Feb with your Iz. Though I know it's the last day of work for you, but you know wat? I know the best will chance upon you cuz you are such a wonderful fren! Don't be despair okie? I'll always be there for you if need my support.

It's gonna be a special Feb for me cuz it will be the last month, most probably, that I will be in inpatient sector again. Aww, I miz my dear patients! I felt so bad to tell them that these will be the last few sessions that I'm gonna spend with them...they looked so sad to know that they are changing therapist again...sigh...nevertheless, I will still c them in OTD...so I guess I juz have to be contented with that.

Arrgh, one week MIA from work and I got molested by this patient when I came back. I was walking by the corridor when I saw him and he offered to shake by hand to wish me Happy CNY. After shaking my hand, he was still holding on to it while talking to me, and that was when he said:"Your skin is so smooth", and he went on to proceed touching me. Fortunately for me, I quickly withdrew my hand and jumped out of his vicinity and walked away.

For the whole session of gardening therapy, he kept coming near to me, wanting to touch me and made kissing actions. I think he's probably relapsing. The last time he did that he was forbidden to come down to OTD. Geesh, imagine I'm doing social skills training with him tmr? And wonderful Yoges has to tell me that I better be careful of him cuz he has weird tots in his mind about me. Tat's so great ain't it?

P.S: Dede I love you lots yeah! Because of you, I finally can go to MOS this Friday le! Happy Bday to you in advance 1st. Muacks!


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