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Friday, February 17, 2006 Y 9:25 AM

I saw Mr. W today! A very nice, friendly, chatty and funny guy. I always find that guys whom can communicate with their gf's friends have already pass the test of meeting the friends.

Mr. W can communicate to Cy and me really well. Makes us feel comfortable to be with him and Xw too. He's also real nice and caring to his gf. Hehe, Xw is one lucky girl.

So with determination, I think if I'm gg to look for a bf, it muz have Cy's and Xw's and Azi's bfs characteristics cuz apparently they are all pretty good bfs.

Oh and I really adore guys whom are frank abour their own feelings...like being in touch with wat they feel and being able to say it out. Of cuz, I totally dislike those whom are over frank and keep bugging you with "I really like you" that kinda nonsense. Everything juz have to have a limit.

I dislike ppl whom aren't earnest enough in going after girls. If you like, means u like. If you dun like, means u dun like. Dun play games. Dun suddenly show interests and then dun show interests, it's plainly irritating, like u are trying to play hard to get and nobody understands the heck about how you feel that kind.

If you like someone, show that you like someone and make that someone feel it. I can see for Xw, Cy and Azi, their bfs are truly able to show their feelings and I admire them for being able to do it. Plus, they are not jerks that chuck their gfs aside and juz focus on work.

Seems like at the moment, no one is earnest enough or too earnest till overwhelming, so I shall have to remain contented with singlehood. Besides, I'm juz plain lazy to join activities to know ppl lolx!

It's plain frustrating when u dunno how someone feels about you, so if you dunno wat you feel and you are unsure, dun come and bug me...cuz you are juz making me irritated. I like it when ppl are frank and are certain about how they feel, so if you are uncertain, dun treat me like someone that is to help you pass time. So if you think I'm not good enough, then kindly open the door and leave my house. Dun do things that juz make me feel uncertain of what is happening.


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