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Friday, February 10, 2006 Y 11:37 AM

I don't really like MOS. I think Hooters food doesn't taste nice.

I only like R & B music. I have a bad temper.

I'm been bombarded with questions on Vday. I think Vday has nv been special b4 in my whole life except once.

I think the significant date matter and not the number of dates you got. I think love and relationships can be nice yet unpleasant at times.

I have 3 colleagues whom are getting married these year. I'm gg to be so broke from giving wedding red packets for 2006. I'm getting old as I finally received my 1st wedding invitation and I have received 3 and maybe 4 so far.

I hate ppl whom ask me questions on why I'm still single or comment that I have high expectations. I have no stringent expectations as you all think.

I hate how the fact tat sometimes u attract ppl u dun like but ppl whom u like, juz doesn't notice u and reciprocate back.

I think make up is such a hassle, especially removing it. I think my hair needs nutrients to grow longer and faster.

I hate taking taxis as they always make me feel pukey. I like the taxi drivers whom are committed to drive me to a place in time.

I love the soft toys and flowers that I'm seeing everywhere but I have bought enough stuff toys for myself to accomodate another sin more.

I love the love shaped butterfly necklace from Tian Po Jewellery but it can only be admired from far.

Some things are juz meant to be admired from far. If it's not yours, then it will nv be yours, no matter how hard you try. Tat's so true isn't it? For everything in life.

I dun really understand how you know it's the one for you when the one appears? Who tells you this? My frens said your heart will tell you so. I guess my heart is not functioning well or it has stopped to function.

I'm juz having a bad day and trying to rant off all feelings that I felt. Sad to say, theré has nv been a person whom can treat me better than my often mentioned friends do. I guess it juz explain why everytime they dun the person is not good enough for me. Cuz it can't be due to me, I'm not really tat good...I have all the above bad points.

Who will learn to accept my flaws and will awed my friends? I guess we juz leave it to FATE to find out. All I know is I dun want to be a 30 plus woman who has only dated 2 weeks plus and planning to get married soon due to age problems.

P.S: Sorrie Dede for losing my head off you...sorrie okie? Anw Happy Birthday to you!


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