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Wednesday, February 1, 2006 Y 2:47 AM

Finally got a chance to trample on the grounds of Geylang again! Heh heh, after the long awaited thirst of tasting Geylang's food, I finally returned yesterday to conquer the beef hor fun and frog leg dishes! The taste of great food still lingers upon my mouth YUM YUM.

Thanks to dear Nick, I also got to visit the infamous prostitutes of Geylang...dun get the wrong idea, I only travelled in a car to see how they are like. Have to say some of them really look pretty and busty lolx. And the way they go up to guys and hook them up, unbelievable, really seductive!

The most beneficial of the whole visit was the great food haha...who cares about prostitutes? I dun need their service anyway but it was great to experience how the glum side of Singapore is like.

CNY is pretty quiet tis year round for me. Didn't get to visit a few relatives houses...sigh...as one grows older, politics do get more...I'm glad that I have a small family and I have great relations with my cousins...juz hope that as we grow older, these bunch of cuzzins still bond together.

Friends were also really busy tis yr...the usual gatherings at my house or my friends' house has significantly tone down. Everyone is busy with their own things and friends and couldn't find a time to meet up together. Sigh, maybe really growing old.

This yr, I finally got my first taste of lashing from my relatives, about marriage. Finally they have stopped from saying "Still young, wait longer than find one" to "I wish that you will settle down soon" or "When are you going to get married or find someone to settle down?". Mischievously, I gave my answer "Oh soon, juz need to wait for 5 more years" and they were like "Oh okie 5 yrs.....huh wat? That's so long". Haha...like I can find any Tom, Dick or Harry and juz settle down. Ppl that I like dun like me but ppl whom I dun like falls in love with me. What is it I can do?

Christina from Soteria called me today and asked me down for lunch tomorrow. She's real sweet to offer me a lunch date. I suppose for a 5 star restaurant like Soteria, they are really doing a very good job in pleasing and satisfying their customers.

A pretty wasted day today, considered that I slept away half of the day...sigh...should have taken Friday off too.

I wish that I will get wat I want...if only whoever has heard my prayers and know what I want.


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