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Sunday, January 1, 2006 Y 7:15 AM

NYE, nothing special. What bugs me was that I couldn't remember what I did last NYE!!!! I could clearly rem that I spent Xmas in Ozzie with my dear OT frens and Xiaowen but I couldn't rem what I did on NYE????!!!!

I muz have been pathetic...probably spent it at home that's why I couldn't rem a single detail about it.

NYE started off with a bad morning. Stupid clinic woke me up with a call. Made me walk there twice becuz the 1st time, I forgot to bring my wallet down. Was really pissed as they could have told me earlier that I needed to pay.

Anw, I was down with a flu, so I went back home to sleep. WHIJ text me. Okie, you muz be wondering who is WHIJ. It's this new termed that I have coined for you know who (sounds like Harry Potter huh?). It stands for worthless, heartless and insensitive jerk.

WHIJ text me about my insurance plan and that he wanted to meet me with his team specialist to talk to me about it. I couldn't be bothered and just told him that his presence will be redundant since it's his team specialist talking to me and not him. He also sent me a new year text but I couldn't be bother to reply. In a sentence, his presence is now oblivious to me.

Woke up at 3pm and had my lunch. Oops, it is really embarrasing to write this here but I WENT BACK TO SLEEP AGAIN!!! Woke up only at 5.30pm and started to prepare to go to DeDe's house. Kris and Ern picked me up at Chinese Garden. Hey, Kris and Ern sounds good together yeah? Hey perhaps you all could open up a shop and called yourselves Kris and Ern. Sounds like Charles and Keith to me.

Thanks to DeDe's desire to be innovative, we had a taste of Rite's Pizza. Some bacon and pork floss thing and Summer something pizza. Anw, tasted real good but of cuz, nothing can be compared to the DIY pasta made by dear DeDe. Been quite awhile since I tasted food made by her =) and thanks to NYE, I got to taste it again.

We chatted all night and played mj. I won yeah!!!! Finally for once. I wasn't wearing red though, mind you. Maybe heaven is pitying me that I had a really crap time this week.

Woke up the next day at 1pm and finished up the leftover food from the previous day. I kinda feel like a potato couch and a homeless creep. Lazing around in DeDe's house, refusing to bathe and get out of her place. Finally managed to gather up energy to leave her place at 5.30pm.

Didn't felt like gg home so DoDo and I cabbed down to Bishan to catch a movie. Realised that it didn't have the movie that I wanted to watch! Walked around, look for a newspapers and then went to Yishun to catch the movie instead.

The movie was really weird. Comical but so totally weird. So different from the original story. Creative but exaggerated and really, I couldn't find the best word for it, weird. Oh and I got a Wallace and Gromit handphone strap from buying the popcorn! SOOOOOOO cute!!!!! Put it onto my phone immediately when I came home =D.

To DeDe, I'm starting to feel happy again by small lil things...like getting my handphone strap...like receiving prezzies from you and Krisie. Like catching a movie that I want, getting aloe vera gel, eating pasta and many many more.

I do feel like crap occasionally but I'm picking up things that I have left behind during this past 5 months. I'm definitely having more sleep. I will try to be the girl that I used to be, the one you know but I believed, certain aspects of me have changed though.

Juz for instance, I couldn't believed that I actually could say something nice to S*** in the past when I'm juz plain mean and sarcastic to her now LOL. No matter what, to my dear friends whom I treasure and their well behaved other halves, I will love you and treat you as good as I can.

A word of advice, get into my good books and you will score. Get into my bad books and good luck to you.


Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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