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Thursday, January 5, 2006 Y 3:49 PM

It sounds a lil crazy to be blogging at 7.39 am on Friday morning. Okie, I know it does not telly with the date and time of the blog entry but that's because something is freaking wrong with the webpage and I couldn't see the date and time entry section!

Anw, I'm freaking trying to divert my attention as I am now currently having small lil, red dots on my body and a lil on my face (freaking!!!!) that itches like hell!!!

I woke up this morning and went to bath and saw lil red dots that itchy a lil on my body. Perhaps not fully awake yet, I went to take a hot bath and continue with my usual routine. As time passes by, the itch seems to grow on me and this time round, when I take another second look, my body was covered with more tiny dots! And my face starting to have tiny dots too!

What's happening? I hope it's not chicken pox. I have vaccination for chicken pox before. If it's rashes, then it could an allergic reaction to either yam or something else. Like how am I supposed to know whether I ate yam a not? Obviously I will steer clear of specifically defined yam stuff.

Okie I feel like I'm talking gibberish. Blogging for the sake of diverting my attention away. Just when I am trying to make my face clear and nice, I have these stupid lil rashes! Arrghhh....it better be rashes and subside by today!

Overwhelmed by anxiety...praying it's not chicken pox...praying it's normal rashes that will not blow up and reminds me of that last incident that I have those patchy rashes that made me swelled up to look like a pig. Praying that I will keep my irresponsible fingers away from scratching them.

Okie, I can't blog anymore...I think I'm not making sense. Blog again )=


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