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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 Y 7:54 AM


It's 11.55pm now...5 more minutes and OT DAY is OVER!!!! YEAH!

Happy Birthday to RUPA too!

I'm really very glad that this day is finally over. It was a day that I dreaded and yet anticipate for it to arrive.

2 months ago, an OT Day Committee was set up to organise this event. At the same time, IMH OT Concert Committee was also set up to put together a concert for OT Day.

I knew being in OT Day Committee means having tons of work to do but surprisingly, the work needed to be carried out was much lesser compared to Concert.

At least I was only in charge of organising the Gala Dinner for the whole OT cohort in Singapore, while for Concert, I have to chair a committee and look after other miscellaneous details too.

11th January 2006 depicts a special day for OT, a special day for me but yet it was also the most eventful day.

From the start of the day, I had been rushing around IMH trying to get things done and fixing up last minute changes. In the afternoon, I was rushing around to get the concert ready and going.

Imagine doubling up as so many roles in one day. A chairperson, an usher, an actor, a singer, a floor manager, a hairstylist and an OT. I kinda understand how a split personality person would feel.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the concert. Was glad that the audience enjoyed the skit that OTD has put up for OT Day. All along during rehearsals and practice, we were nv serious and giggle around but today's performance was spectacular and impressive till people commented that we really acted like patients and was really comical.

I really appreciate the staff that lend a helping hand during OT Concert, be it as logistics or events helpers, performers or coordinator. I really felt very touched when I watch our very own OT Montage. What really strike me for the day and set me thinking that I could really be a good OT, was when our OTD patients bravely went up to the stage and sang a beautiful song for us.

As KY has put it, these patients have no singing experience before, they have nv been on the stage before and some are even afraid of crowd but yet they braved thru storms to deliver to us a wonderful performance.

It was successful. It could nv be without everyone's efforts. Yes, we have finally braved through the long endured 11th January. I know we are phobic of having another concert or big events again but I'm happy and contented to see my patients' smiles.

After 8.5 hours of rushing around like a mad woman in IMH, I rushed down to Soteria for Gala Dinner.

While everyone's day could end at 5.30pm and enjoy their dinner, I have to run around the Soteria making sure things are smooth.

I was very thankful that I have very nice friends and fellow OT colleagues around whom came earlier to help me, provided assistance during the event, and by giving social support by attending the dinner.

I couldn't use anymore words to express my appreciation and thanks to Christina, the restaurant director and Mohammad, the manager for their well efforts and kindness in helping us to run the event smoothly.

Even though I did not have much of a chance to sit down and fully enjoy my dinner and chit chatting with my fellow OT mates, I had fun organising the event.

1.5 yrs more to go as events coordinator. Till then, I guess I will be very experience with doing up such dinners and buffets.

Am really tired by now. Glad that it's an off day for me tmr. Nothing can be use to describe the heavyness and muscle pain that I'm feeling rite now but I wanna exclaimed and scream out in excitement: "Good job Caiwei aka Shirley! U have finally combat OT Day with success!"


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