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Saturday, January 7, 2006 Y 9:48 AM

Be prepared for this post as it may contain unsightly languages and comments.

This is gonna be a post on what happened on Saturday when I went out to meet with Sharon, Meipoh, Kris and Ern (oh and Azi for a short while too =D). It's going to be about 3 restaurants that I went to. A review on it as I proclaimed myself to be a mystery diner. So here it goes....

1. Macdonalds @ Taka
I went to Mac to have lunch with Mei Poh, Sharon and Azi. Went there about 3 pm and was really hungry and a lil irritated (by some incident that thou shall not mentioned). Gladly to my surprise, the queue wasn't that long and I was immediately served by the staff.
This guy that served me was really nice. He explained to me that the soft drinks wasn't ready yet as they are refilling it up and asked me would I prefer to have another drink or wait for the soft drinks to be filled up, and then he will send it to me. Naturally, being a person with limited patience, I chose to have another drink. After serving me my value meal, I realised that I forgot to order a small cup of milo for Azi so I told the guy my order.
He was really sweet. He smiled and said, "one small milo? okie!", and he got for me my milo. Lastly, he even said "Thank you and have a good meal!"
In total, I got served within 5 mins time and I was happily gorging down my meal after that.

2. Shashlik @ Far East Shopping Centre
This has got to be the absolute, most nonsensical and ridiculous and obnoxious restaurant that I have ever went to in my whole 24 years of life!
Let's start with the restaurant. This restaurant is located in some sleazy corner of the shopping centre and is overwhelmed with a pungent, puking smell in the air. I almost choked and puked when I first stepped in and breathe in the 1st ounce of air in the restaurant.
What happened after that was a series of unfortunate and put off events. Firstly, it was the table. We wanted a round table instead of a rectangle one and we asked the waitress to change our seats. The stupid and idiotic waitress just told us sharply in the face that the round tables are for 6 persons. WTF????!!!!! Who cares? I could step into any restaurants and request for a table that has an additional seat more than my group number and they will still give it to me!
Okie fine, that was an appetizer only. The waitress came and just stuff the menus into our hand without bothering to explain anything. We flipped open the menu and got a shock...everything in the menu cost more than 10 bucks! The main courses ranges from 18 to 48 dollars, and the 18 dollars main course sux totally! Anw, who cares? We were just there to eat the baked alaska, which according to Kris, is a really splendid dish (please note that Kris tried this dish in Raffles Plaza, and not this asshole restaurant). This baked alaska cost $16.00 dollars per dish and it's only for 2 persons.
So we decided that we will order 2 set of baked alaska. Enter the entree where when we called for the waiter to serve us, he gave us a waiting sign and turned his back to us, and wat was he doing? Fucking talking to the rest of the waitresses, simply chit chatting only! Wat kind of restaurant service do you call that which you have to pay about 80 dollars of monetary amount to have a meal?!!
This is when we had our main course. The asshole waitress/manager came and told us that they don't just serve dessert only and that we have to buy a main course b4 we could eat the desserts. Like WTH???!!!! Who has ever heard of such nonsense? Imagine going to Planet Hollywood and they tell you that "Oh I'm sorry, you can't eat our desserts unless you eat our main course". WTF, what if I had my dinner already? Am I supposed to buy another main course again just to be able to eat your popular dessert? As if you will not say that we have to eat their appetizer and entree before we can eat their main course? A fucking scam indeed and definitely poor foresight of their business service!
The best part was when she said that, she gave us this fucking look that meant to say that she thinks we are just poor, meagre, acne fighting teenagers that could not afford a decent meal! Fucking idiot, you probably have to bow to me first for the amount that I'm earning and the knowledge that I have over you.
Oh we did have our dessert in the end. We left the restaurant without having anything cuz we are too freaking pissed by the service and attitude. What was our dessert? You are probably wondering right. Well our dessert was that the staff immediately came to clear our table and murmured something really unpleasant under their breath.
So in the end, we had a 'wonderful' set meal with everything included (bad service, bad attitude, unjust treatment), inclusive of the drink (plain water that we drank).
And I freaking wonder, if it was the President that ate there, would they tell the him that he can't order the dessert solely but has to complimented with the main course?

3. The Westbarn @ Cineleisure
Feeling really upset after the previous incident, we decided to go eat something nice. So we tot of going to Phin's steakhouse for a meal. To our dismay, Phin's steakhouse was replaced by this restaurant which had the same design and ambience as Phin. Nevertheless, we decided to give it a try.
This restaurant has the "Cartel" concept, whereby you order your meal in a piece of paper and then pay at the counter. Kris, Ern and me ordered for ribeye steak, me with mushroom sauce and them with honey mustard sauce. We decided to top it up with a set meal that consists of a soup of the day, garlic bread and a drink.
Kris and I went to the counter to pay and that was when another series of unfortunate events happened again.
The 1st shock that I got was when the waitress told me that they dun have soup of day. What do you mean by you dun have a soup of the day? Then why fucking write it down in the menu.
Anw, she repeated again and said "we finished our soup of the day but if you want, you can top up 1 dollar and get an onion soup". WTF, it's your problem that your soup of the day finishes. You should replace it with something and not ask me to top up $1 to get a bowl of fucking onion soup. I'm not exactly a fanatic of onion soup so I rejected her 'kind' offer.
Next came the 2nd shock. I asked for my steak to be medium rare done. She said "sorry, we dun have medium rare, we only serve rare, medium and well done". Are you freaking crazy, bitch? Medium rare is juz a tad between rare and medium! What do you mean you don't serve it? Damn stupid logical reasoning!
Okie fine, so medium done it will be but she has to give me a 3rd shock. She said that they dun have honey mustard sauce for ribeye steak. I got so freaking piss and I said "how come you all everything also dun have". She has the cheek and audacity to retort me back by saying "it's all written in the menu wat", like as if I was blind and didn't read the menu! I was so bloody angry that I took the menu and pointed to her that honey mustard was written in the bloody menu for ribeye steak. She was kinda stunned and she replied "oh sorry, we dun have honey mustard sauce". Kris was so irritated that she criticized the restaurant in front of the waitress's face.
The last straw came when they served our steak. My fucking steak was really medium rare huh! Half side of the steak is medium done and the other half, rare. WTFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's it, I have enough of it and I say, screw this restaurant, I am nv going to come back to here again!

This is really a lil ironical but the best service that I received today was from MACDONALDS!!! A cheap, self service and fast food restaurant. So much for paying 20 bucks or more to eat at better restaurants when they have lousy service or they dun have what they served.

A word of advice to future entrepeneurs, making your business work is about having foresight. Treat your customers like as they are your customers. Be it that they have dyed golden hair, dressed in jeans or bermudas, acne fighting or wat, they are still your customers. They deserved to be treated equally as any other powered dress people. A true rich person is one that does not flaunt their assets around, hence do not judge a person based on appearance.

All I have to say is that I will never visit that fucked up Shashlik and The Westbarn again. I will also make sure that my friends will never go there to suffer undeserved treatment.

Little tots that I had today
If being rich makes you so snobbish and obnoxious, I would rather be a poor but yet contented and happy girl. If being rich means you have to work 24 hours a day, then I would rather be poor but yet satisfied with my achievements. Wat's the point of clothing yourself in branded clothes and accessories, but deep down you are just a pathetic soul that works 24 hrs to replenish whatever you have spend on those so called labelled items? If being rich means you can judge others, then I would rather be a poor person that treats every one impartially. If richness is about losing your good roots, then it is a sin to be rich as one sins when they turned into the bad.


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